Breaking Down Bad Hair Days

There are bad hair days, and then there are bad hair days—days when no amount of conditioner will make up for the frizz and dryness, and every end of each strand seem to be splitting. Here are some of our worst hair-related frustrations outlined, and how to deal with each one.

Oily scalp
When your hair gets overly greasy, your scalp is the actual culprit. Your hair is supposed to be coated in natural oil called sebum, though not in excessive amounts. If your strands get oily it’s usually a sign that the follicles in your scalp have gone into overdrive in response to a variety of conditions, one of them being heat. While oil in your hair is designed to protect each strand from sun damage and debris, too much of it can be a problem.

If you suffer from an oily scalp, sometimes all it takes is the right kind of shampoo. Look for products aimed specifically at treating overly oily hair. These remove the excess oil without completely stripping your strands bare to the elements.

Dry locks
Dryness is a common problem and can be attributed to heat or genetics, but there are aspects of our hair care regimen that contribute to dry hair, such as too much styling or blow-drying. If you spend a lot of time in swimming pools, the chlorine can cause brittle hair, too.

Argan oil has been highly regarded as a hair care product, and is very effective in restoring moisture to dry hair strands because of its essential fatty acids and Sterols. The oil coats each strand for maximum protection and helps hair retain that moisture over the rest of the day. It also contains antioxidants to keep your hair well protected and nourished!

Flaky hair
It may be safe to say that we all hate dandruff. It’s itchy, unsightly and can be difficult to get rid of. Dandruff is caused by the outer skin layer of your scalp shedding off in flakes. This is normal to a certain degree, as our skin is constantly shedding off dead cells and replacing them with new ones. But if your head is starting to feel a bit like a snow globe, something needs to be done. Worse versions of dandruff involve an oily scalp as well, making it even harder to get at the dandruff. Fortunately, dermatologists can often prescribe a special kind of shampoo to help deal with dandruff.

Brittle strands
What happens when your hair loses its natural elasticity? Two words: Split ends. Split ends are caused by the hair cuticle losing its integrity, and can be brought about by excessive dryness. Use Argan oil to help restore the cuticle back to health! Your hair strands will benefit from the hair-loving nutrients in the oil such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols and other antioxidants!

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