Brighten Up Your Skin! Say Bye Bye to Spots!

Those who have fair skin are dying to sport a tanned skin while most of those with brown or darker skin especially in Asia are longing to have fairer skin. It seems that this is just the way things are. This explains why for over 20 years now, skin lightening products have been the trend in Asia.

However, recent surveys show that “brightening” as called in some countries is now one of the top skin concerns of women all around the world. This is very evident in the United States alone where brightening products have been selling like pancakes.


It’s not that Caucasians are now junking the bronze look and embracing the natural pale complexions. It’s just that the purchasing market is now at the age when hyperpigmentation or age spots is now becoming a problem. The only way to get rid of these spots is through skin brightening. To look young, unfortunately, they need to get rid of these spots at the risk of losing their tans.

Here are some expert tips to brighten up your skin.

Use Botanical Products

There are a lot of plant-derived ingredients out there that promises brighter skin. Skin experts expect more to be discovered in the future as more people become aware of the benefits from organic products. Some products available today that you should try out are those that contain yomgi and angelica root extracts. These are Japanese botanicals that promote faster cell turnover and break down melanin.

Invest in Moroccan Argan Oil

Another organic product that’s been in the center of the anti-aging trend is Argan oil. This miracle oil is a natural extract of the Argan tree fruit found only in Morocco. Argan oil has components that fight off the effects of aging on the skin including age spots. Also known as liquid gold, this oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is great for diminishing sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines and even dark spots from acne scars. Argan oil is packed with nutrients that promote cell regeneration. When cells regenerate the result is younger skin.

Try Soy for Acne Scars

Another product that is great for acne scars is soy. The proteins in soy help reduce redness and blotchiness. Dermatologists suggest complementing this with sunscreen. Sun exposure makes our skin extra sensitive to hyperpigmentation. This means that overexposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays can make your red mark from acne into a permanent scar.

Apply Vitamin C

This is one of the most popular ingredient of brightening up skin. It does not only lighten hyperpigmentation, it also reduces future spots. Doctors, however, recommend that you pair this with other products as Vitamin C is a very unstable anti-oxidant.


Do this weekly. Notice how your skin just looks lighter right after exfoliating? This is because exfoliating rids your skin of dull dead skin cells. This will also help you absorb your skin brightening products better.

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