Bring Out Your Natural Glow with Natural Treatments

A lot of emphasis is placed on appearances, but the trick to accessing your inner beauty lies in how much care you are able to provide your skin. Use basic skin care principles and effective skin products to beat dry or oily skin, dark circles and sallowness to retain that youthful glow. Goodbye dryness! Some swear by the healing powers of lemons and their ability to restore moisture to your skin, however there is one product out in the market today that is a powerful moisturizer. The Moroccan Argan oil is a potent moisturiser as it is loaded with nutrients having moisturizing properties. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids are known to have great moisturizing effects. However there is still one more nutrient that sets apart this oil from other moisturisers. Sterols are also found in this oil. Sterols lock in moisture to the skin therefore keeping it well hydrated! This addresses the very root of dry skin problem. The skin dries out because of moisture loss and not lack of moisture. Daily application of the oil on skin’s problematic areas like the knees or elbows will spell a lot of difference. Use homemade facial scrubs Don’t listen too much on advertisements. The state of your face does not rest entirely on a bottle of lotion sitting on a grocery shelf. While commercial products do help improve skin, they are chock full of extra chemicals that could do their own damage in the long run. In fact, homemade ingredients like baking soda can do just as effective job at exfoliating your face. To make your own baking soda facial scrub, mix in four teaspoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water until you’ve formed a paste. Let this alone for about two minutes, and then apply to your face (which should be washed prior). Rinse the paste off your face with cold water to close your pores. Coffee versus cellulite? Coffee grounds play a role other than simply to perk you up in the morning. Apply coffee grounds on your skin where there’s cellulite to minimise their appearance. The coffee draws out water, at the same time making your skin smoother. Add in four teaspoons of Argan oil to the coffee mix and we’ve got a real winner. Fight acne and pimples Mint—who would have thought it? Pimples respond well to the menthol components in mint, and subsequently the inflammation on skin is reduced. The same can be said of Moroccan oil. Its anti-inflammatory components greatly reduce the amount of redness and swelling usually associated with acne. Its essential fatty acids also bring down over production of sebum which is known to trigger acne! Dealing with dark circles To help get rid of dark circles under your eyes, parsley is great for topical application. It’s contains a lot of vitamin K which reduces the amount of blood flowing to the eye. Add some yogurt and Moroccan oil to create a nourishing paste and apply. Leave for twenty minutes before rinsing off.