Brush 101

We’ve read in fairy tale books that princesses get their long and shiny hair by brushing their hair everyday, making sure that they do 100 strokes of brushing. Can this really give you beautiful and shiny locks?

The truth is 100 brush strokes a day can be too much for your crowning glory. This can lead to more hairfall and even hair breakage. You’ll end up with split ends and irritated scalp.

What more if you’re using the wrong kind of brush? With all the many styles of brush we see available, the regular consumers like us do not actually know that these brushes actually offer different things.

Hair experts and those who have read on the brush subject may be well aware which brush to use for what and which bristles are best for which hair. Let us then brush up on ou brush knowledge.

The Many Faces of Brush

  • Round Brush A round brush is best to use when blow-drying hair. This type of brush would help give your locks curl and that volume most of us want. A round brush can also give your hair a bit of a bend. For your curls to last longer, go for a round brush having a ceramic barrel. Wondering why? This kind of brush would be able to hold heat for a longer period of time thereby adding on to the life of your curls.
  • Denman One brush that has made it so big is the Denman brush. Named after the company behind the brush, this kind will give that slight bend to the tips of your hair when you blow-dry your locks. Another reason why the Denman brush is so popular is its abilty to give hair that shiny look. Those who are sporting a bob would love the Denman brush as its semi-curves shape works best for their hairstyle.
  • The Paddle Brush Many of us have the paddle brush at home. This type of brush is a basic daily brush. This brush comes in two shapes either oval or rectangular. The paddle brush is best to use when undoing tangles. Your hair can get a good shine depending on what bristles the paddle brush holds.
  • Wide-toothed comb Although this is a comb and not a brush you should still know that this is what you should be using on wet or damp hair. Hair is most vulnerable when wet so treat it with kindness. Use a wide-toothed comb to undo tangles and when applying hair products for your blow-drying session.
  • Fine-toothed combs This type of comb is best to use when you are going fo a more sculpted hair look or perhaps the wet hair look.

The Bristles If you have a fuller or more textured hair, it’s best to go for synthetic bristles while natural bristles are best for those with fine and normal hair textures.

Argan Oil for Healthy Hair To get the shiny, silky and healthy hair, condition your hair with Moroccan Argan oil regularly.

Argan oil will protect your hair from damage. Packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, Sterols and numerous antioxidants, the oil helps repair, renew and revitalise damaged hair.

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