Different Hairbrushes Have Different Uses

Brush Up on Your Hair Brush Knowledge

How much do you know about hair brushes? Did you know that the type of brush you use has an effect on the way your hair feels and the way it’s styled? The types of hair brush you use is more important than you think. Most of us use just one type of brush for everything from regular brushing, blow drying, to styling. But did you know that different brushes actually offer different results? Check out the 4 types of hair brush we listed and what each can do for your hair!

4 Types of Hair Brush

1. The Barrel Hair Brush If you have a need for hair straightening, then this is the most ideal brush for you. Use it when blow drying your hair to get better and straighter results. If you can get a boar bristle barrel hair brush then all the better as this particular kind helps in keeping your locks under control when blow drying. Boar bristle brushes are also great in distributing your scalp’s natural oils which results to that lovely shine. 2. The Paddle Hair Brush Many people own this type of hair brush. Perhaps it is safe to say that in general, the paddle brush is the most common go-to brush. There is a very good reason as to why the paddle brush is shaped as it is. Its shape perfectly fits the head therefore every stroke offers smooth results. However, you should keep in mind that there are various types of the paddle hair brush made specifically for a type of hair. For example, boar bristle paddle brush is perfect for those with long, frizzy hair. While for short to medium hair with less frizz or no frizz at all, the cushion paddle hair brush is a fitting choice. 3. The Vented Hair Brush Want to add lift and volume to your crowning glory? This is the perfect choice in hair brushes. The vented hair brush, as the name suggests has this “openness” design allowing for air to flow to the hair which results to a quicker blow dry time. This kind of brush also allows hair movement and helps in making the styling easier after the hair has been curled. If you have a medium to thick hair, a vented hair brush is a great choice. 4. The Hot Air Hair Brush Now this type of hair brush is quite unique as it has a dual purpose. It’s a brush and blow dryer at the same time. Hot air hair brushes give off heat so you can hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes. You can dry and at the same time, style your hair with this type of  hair brush. For those who are always in a hurry this is an ideal choice. Hot air hair brushes also allow you to do your hair one-handed as you no longer have to hold a blow dryer in your other hand. So now that you know more about hair brushes, make sure that you use one suited for your hair and for the hair task at hand.  


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