Can Argan Oil Help Lighten Acne Scars?

Acne Scars Can Leave Your Face Ruined

Acne in itself is already bothersome but to make things worse, they leave scars behind. Young boys and girls usually develop acne once they reach puberty stage. This is the time when hormonal changes happen and in the chaos of hormones, this skin problem develops. However some do still experience breakouts even during their adult years.

What Causes Acne

Although many things such as hormonal changes, stress, diet and unhealthy habits are linked to acne, the bottom line is this skin problem is caused by a malfunction of the pilosebaceous unit. When this happens there is an overproduction of sebum which actually serves as nourishment for the acne causing bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes. This bacterium naturally inhabits the skin. The simple logic is the more sebum your glands produce the more of this bacterium will be inside the skin follicles. Acne will start appearing as the bacteria in the follicles attract white blood cells in and the white blood cells release an enzyme that is damaging to the walls of the follicles. The damaged walls of the follicles allow the bacteria to penetrate the dermis which now results to the red bumps we call as acne.

What Causes Acne Scars

Acne usually leaves behind scars once they are gone. However most of those who pick and squeeze their zits are the ones who commonly get acne scars. It seems like acne’s only intention is to spite people. Can you imagine your acne saying, you may have gotten rid of me but you will always remember me with the scars I leave behind. Can you hear its evil laughter reverberating? There are actually two types of acne scars. The first type is called the “rolling acne scars” which are scars with a gradual dip while the second type are deep and narrow. Most commonly, the reddish or brownish acne footprints will eventually disappear without needing any treatment. You just need to wait for awhile about 12 months or so.

Can Argan Oil Help Lighten Acne Scars?

You probably have been hearing about Argan oil. This oil hails all the way from Morocco and have been used by the Berber tribe in various ways including for protecting their skin against the harsh effects of the desert. But is Argan oil effective in lightening acne scars?

Many believe that the oil is effective in lightening scars as it contains a high amount of Vitamin E. Vitamin E has long been believed to have great benefits for the skin including promoting faster wound healing, preventing scarring and lightening scars.

If you want a more natural way of treating acne scars, try using the Argan oil and let us know about your results!

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