Can Argan Oil Really Stop Skin Aging?

So what makes Argan oil (also commonly known as Moroccan oil) different from the hundreds of products out there claiming that they can slow (even stop) the aging process? The difference is that Moroccan oil actually works. While it’s not capable of stopping the aging process (though scientists have long been working on that particular elixir), it is extremely effective at slowing down aging.

How does anti-aging work, exactly?

The human body’s basic living unit is the cell, from which all tissues and organs are made. Proper nourishment begins on the cellular level, especially because different types of cells have different needs. Cells also have the ability to heal and repair themselves, and are constantly replacing damaged or malfunctioning cells. A proper balanced diet provides all-around nourishment for all types of cells is needed for optimum health.

Naturally, when the cells don’t get the nourishment they need, they are replaced by weaker versions of themselves, and don’t function as well as cells do when in tip top shape. The replacement degrades the quality of the cells, and is also called degeneration. Ideally, cells should be replaced by fresh cells, ones that are better and significantly stronger—this replacement is called regeneration, and what constitutes anti-aging.

Scientific studies have revealed that specific food can promote either regeneration or degeneration. Food like milk, sugar, and chocolate were found to cause degeneration, while fresh seeds, fruits, and vegetables with their micronutrients cause cell regeneration. Free radicals are also known to cause cell degeneration, and can be found in anything from cigarette smoke to oily food.

What can Moroccan Argan oil do?

The oil is taken straight out of raw seeds from the Argan tree, and its nutrients are preserved inside the hard nut. This is also why the oil has proven benefits to the skin, due to its unique composition. Moroccan oil contains about eighty per cent of unsaturated essential fatty acids, and is capable of reducing inflammation.
Argan oil prevents aging when used as a cosmetic on skin, as well as an ingredient or flavor in food. There’s a reason why the oil has retained its popularity over centuries since it was first used by the Berber women of Morocco.

It is rich in antioxidants, which the body needs to arm itself against free radicals. It contains squalene, a substance that keeps human skin from aging too fast and losing its softness. The oil prevents joints from losing their elasticity with sterol, which protects an essential protein called collagen. Phenolic compounds act on free radicals in the system, protecting the body from chemical reactivity. The high concentration of unstaturated fatty acids also works wonders on skin than most commercial products, and is known for their anti-scarring abilities, and for preventing the exacerbation of stretch marks.

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