Can Fat be Good?

Have you ever heard of Omega fatty acids? They are often called as super nutrients for their many good effects on the body. Obviously then, the answer to the question, “Can fat be good?” is yes. You see, there fat that are good for the body such as essential fatty acids. They are the “good fats” that magazines, TV shows, and books are hailing as wonderful anti-aging agents. So if you would like to look young longer and avoid those wrinkles and aging problems, better read on and find out more about this amazing type of fat.

Where can you get them?

Essential fatty acids are commonly found in nuts, seeds, and fish oils. Aside from being a strong anti-aging agent, essential fatty acids are also known to give antioxidant protection to the body which helps support the immune system and protect the body from inflammation. With all of these good benefits though, it is sad that the body cannot produce essential fatty acids on its own. This means that one needs to get them from various sources and through diet.

Here are some important facts about essential fatty acids:

  • The body needs essential fatty acids. When there is a low amount of EFAs in the body, the cells become dry too quickly. This dryness shows in your skin and other parts of the body.
  • EFA deficiency, cell dryness, and skin dryness ultimately leads to wrinkles and early aging.
  • EFAs are wonderful for preventing formation of inflammation in the body. How? It helps stabilize skin cells and it prevents the production of a chemical called arachidonic acid which causes inflammation.
  • Essential fatty acids are helpful not just for the skin but also for the hair and nails.
  • EFAs help cells to distress which in turn slows down the signs of aging.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is one good source of natural essential fatty acids. Argan oil is a product that comes from nuts of a plant that only grows in the southwestern parts of Morocco. This oil has become popular because of its many anti-aging properties. And although it comes only from one area in the world, the market for it has grown and grown over the years.

What can argan oil do?

Argan oil has rich natural contents of essential fatty acids. Meaning using it will help you fight off wrinkles and aging easily. A few drops of this oil massaged through your skin will not just help moisturize your skin but more important it will help your cells become healthy. Argan oil is also rich in other important nutrients like vitamin E which is also a well known anti-aging agent.

Some fats like essential fatty acids are good for the body. Being able to have the right amount of these in your body will help you look and feel young. Include essential fatty acids in your diet and avoid wrinkles longer. Use natural oils such as argan oil to help you and your skin feel and look young!

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