Can Hair Loss Be Treated?

Hair Loss Is A Very Common Problem
  • Thinning hair.
  • Balding.
  • Receding hairline.

If women are more concerned about wrinkles, most men have hair loss problems. However, everyone loses a few strands of hair everyday. Hair loss is not juts a guy problem. On average, men and women lose 50-100 strands of hair in a day and this is just normal.

Causes of Hair Loss
There are different causes of hair loss. Let’s look at each one so we can determine what might have caused yours and if you need to be worried.

Our hair routine can cause hair loss. Washing, combing and styling can lead to hair loss as well. This is why you often see hair strands on your bathroom drainage or floor. This is normal though so there is no reason to panic. Just be extra careful when you style or comb your hair to minimize loss.

Pregnant women also suffer hair loss after child birth. This can be attributed to a sudden drop in their estrogen levels. This is only temporary though. Most women who suffer hair loss after childbirth regain their full head of hair in time for their child’s first birthday.

Stress and Diseases
Stress and diseases can also cause hair loss. Pay your doctor a visit so he or she could recommend a treatment for your disease. When it comes to stress, your doctors can also help recommend some stress management techniques to help you cope better.

Hereditary Hair Loss
If you’re experiencing more than just the ordinary loss of strands, you may be suffering from hereditary hair loss. This is characterized by thinning hair and balding. In the United States alone, around 80 million men and women suffer from this condition.

Most causes of hair loss can be treated. If you think you can manage on your own, begin by strengthening your hair. You can moisturize your hair regularly with aromatherapy oils. Lavender and rosemary are some of the essential oils that have been clinically proven already to promote hair growth. Another is Argan oil. This miracle oil from Morocco has been getting a lot of attention lately because of its anti-wrinkling properties. However, Argan oil is great for the hair too as it contains Vitamin E which is said to promote hair growth as well. This oil is also riched in essential fatty acids that help revitalize, nourish and strengthen hair.

If you’re uncomfortable with self-treatment, its best to consult your dermatologist. He or she could recommend treatments that’ll be best suited for your case.

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