Many Treatments Are Available For Psoriasis

Can You Use Honey in Managing Psoriasis?

Because psoriasis comes with uncomfortable symptoms, many continue to seek for treatments that will help alleviate the discomfort and sometimes pain associated with psoriasis. There are plenty of non-mainstream psoriasis treatments. This may be because of the fact that not all psoriasis treatments work for everyone suffering from this skin condition. With that being said, people with psoriasis usually go far and beyond in searching for a treatment that will work for them.

Honey and Its Benefits

Since ancient times honey has been used for both medicinal and beauty purposes. It has been known to do wonders to the skin and hair. But can honey be also effective in managing psoriasis?

The Healing Prowess of Honey

Many may love using honey as an alternative sweetener. Yes honey tastes good with tea, toast and pancakes but did you know that it has healing characteristics as well? According to the information provided Dermnet, which is maintained by the New Zealand Dermatological Society, honey holds antibacterial properties and helps hasten the healing of wounds. Psoriasis patients usually suffer from skin lesions or pustules which are also wounds. When honey mixes with wound fluids (referred to as exudates), hydrogen peroxide is created. Hydrogen peroxide has immense antibacterial properties therefore preventing infections and helps heal wounds faster.

If you want to give honey a try in managing psoriasis? Here are two formulations!

Honey Recipe for Psoriasis

Honey, Beeswax and Argan Oil

This recipe calls for equal parts of the 3 ingredients. Let’s get on with how you prepare this concoction. First, grab your mortar and pestle. If you don’t own one, you’ll need to either get one from the store or ask a good friend to lend you one. You need to do the concoction in small batches. Put a tablespoon of beeswax in the mortar then add a tablespoon of Argan oil in it. You can also use olive oil. With the pestle start mixing the two ingredients until you arrive at a smooth texture. Once done, add in the tablespoon of honey and mix until you get a smooth texture.

Honey and Petroleum Jelly

This is as easy to do as the first one. All you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly and 1 tablespoon of honey. Keep mixing the two ingredients until you get a smooth texture.

Argan Oil and Honey: Two Potent Skin-Loving Ingredients

Honey has been around for many centuries healing different ailments including skin conditions. Argan oil has also been around for centuries and has been used by the Berber tribe of Morocco for different ailments and for beautifying purposes. For thousands of years the Berber tribes had used the oil in protecting their skin from the harsh conditions of the Moroccan desert. The oil holds a powerful dose of antioxidants and moisturizing properties. The moisturizing properties of Argan oil and honey may be helpful in preventing psoriasis flare ups. Keeping the skin moisturized is an essential key in preventing psoriasis from flaring up.

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