Care For Your Inked Skin

Do you have tattoos? If you do, probably one of your main concerns is how to keep your tattoos looking like they were inked yesterday. Here are great tips on caring for tattooed skin.

  • Heading outdoors? Lather on sunscreen lotion first! You should never forget to put on sunscreen lotion first before heading outdoors. The sun’s UV rays are quite strong and can actually fade out some of the tattoo’s ink. These UV rays are also damaging to the skin itself causing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and skin cancer. Remember to pick out a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection so that your protected from UVA and UVB rays. It’s also ideal to use one with an SPF 30 and water resistant. One last thing to remember about sunscreens is that they should be applied on the skin at least 30 minutes before heading out.
  • Be wary of rashes! You need to be vigilant about checking your skin for rashes and skin reactions that look like sunburns. If it’s your first time to get inked, keep in mind that the skin gets very sensitive right after getting inked. You may feel that type of pain that you get when you’ve scraped your knee.
  • Do your best to minimise your exposure to UV light. This is most especially if you’ve just gooten inked. The UV light whether from the sun or from a tanning bed can irritate the skin. Some people had to learn this valuable lesson the hard way. Constant exposure to UV light can cause inked skin to react. Usually the reaction is sunburn-like. This type of reaction is more common to tattoos having yellow or red ink. However, don’t think that just because these colours are not inked on you, it would be safe to go on and expose your tattoed skin to UV light. Other ink colours also can react to UV light. Should it happens that your skin got irritated by UV light, you should cover your tattooed skin area with a clean clothing when going outside.
  • Choose your moisturiser wisely! Moisturise your inked skin with moisturisers that are water-based. The Moroccan Argan oil may also be very ideal. The oil is a natural extract of the Argan oil fruit seeds and it contains no harmful chemicals. It’s got essential fatty acids, Sterols and Vitamin E which give the oil that potent moisturising prowess! Avoid using petroleum-based products as they would not only fade the tattoo but they can harm the body as well. Petroleum-based products are made from the very same thing that gasoline is made out of. You sure are no car to need gasoline poured on you!
  • Immediately consult a skin doctor! If you see that your skin is having some sort of reaction or your inked skin is showing some changes, immediately see a skin doctor. The reaction can happen right after getting inked or years later on. This may also indicate an undiagnosed skin disease. You should also be aware that skin cancer can also happen in inked skin. Just make sure that you go to a dermatologist right away so a diagnosis and treatment can be administered.

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