Care to Properly Care for Your Nails

Proper Nail Is Very Important For Beautiful Hands

If you think that the only way for you to pamper your nails is going to expensive salons, then you are absolutely mistaken. Proper nail care means protecting the nails from factors that can damage them and keeping them healthy.

Many of us even think that caring for the nails mean wearing them in different colours every now and then. Nail polish may make your nails look attractive but overuse can actually do more harm than good. So if you have been coating your nails with polish week after week do some time out.

Caring for the nails is actually very simple. You only need to remember three things. Protect, Nourish and Moroccan Argan Oil.

Protecting Your Nails

How can you protect your nails? When it comes to your fingernails here are simple ways on how to protect them.

  • You need to stop biting your nails and tapping them all the time.
  • Wearing gloves whenever doing household chores and gardening is ideal. If you are also into carpentry whenever indulging in your projects, wear gloves and take much caution.
  • Don’t soak your hands too long in water.
  • Don’t let your nails grow too long. Regular trimming is required.

Now for your toenails:

  • Don’t wear too tight shoes.
  • Don’t wear shoes all the time. Let your feet breathe and wear open flip flops when wearing shoes is not actually necessary.
  • Trim your toenails regularly.

Nourishing Your Nails

Nourishing your nails means watching what you are eating.

  • You should eat more fruits and vegetables especially those packed with Vitamin E and other natural antioxidants.
  • Go for lean meat or fish packed with protein and essential fatty acids.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil will keep your nails nourished and moisturised. It is packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other natural antioxidants. Your cuticles will be conditioned and your nails will be strengthened with regular application. Here’s how to apply the oil on your nails.

  • You can coat your nails with the Moroccan Argan oil at least thrice a week.
  • You can also soak your nails in a 50-50 solution of the oil and lemon for 30 minutes at least once a week.

Another reason why you should use this precious oil from Morocco in caring for your nails is that this is 100% pure and organic. What does this mean? This means that it is free from harsh chemicals that may not just damage your nails but also your body. Many personal care products are laden with ingredients that are toxic to the body. Some of these chemicals have actually been linked with cancer and some have been found to be carcinogenic.

So if you want to give your nails some good loving follow these nail care tips!

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