Caring for the Skin 101 – Teen Edition

Skin Care Knowledge Should Start At A Young Age
When you reach your teen years you will be going through a lot of changes, physical, emotional and hormonal changes. The teenage phase is such a turmoil that most of the time teenagers themselves can’t seem to get a hold of what’s going on within them. This is just normal. What do teenagers care about? Friends, parties, good times, studies, plans for college and whether you are a jock, the popular kid, the geek or the outsider the one thing that unites all of your differences and you all care about is getting rid of pimples. Whether you admit this or not you probably have stressed on how you can make your zits disappear in an instant. You probably even have tried different tricks on how you can banish the pesky pimples from your face. Although having pimples is just a part of growing up, one would be happier without having to go through a time being called pimply face, moon with all the craters or pimple kingdom or whatever pimple names that many teenagers will come up with. So how do you fight pimples? Keeping your face clean with mild acne soap and with some help of acne treatments, you can fight pimples. You should first learn about your skin type before applying any acne treatment. Each skin type has different recommended types of acne treatment.

Different Skin Types and Recommended Treatments

  • Oily skin – Most teenagers have oily skin because of hormones on overdrive. The best acne treatment to apply on your face is clay-based. Avoid applying anything that has alcohol in it. Astringent is no good as they just dry up your skin. Robbing the skin of its essential oils is also not good.
  • Dry Skin – You should use a moisturiser. Argan oil is a good moisturiser. It is rich with essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols, Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Ferulic acid which gives it its moisturising, skin cell repair and anti aging properties. Also you should make sure to use cleansers that help your skin hydrate.
  • Sensitive Skin – For the sensitive skin cleansers and other facial products that should be used are those that are mild and gentle and made specifically for sensitive skin. You should also be very gentle when you apply the product to your face. Never ever rub hard. Your face is not a lamp and no genie will come out to grant your pimple be gone wish if you rub any harder.
  • Mixed Type – Some actually have part oily and part dry skin. This is not unheard of and actually can be considered common in teens. Teens with this skin type actually have some areas of the face oily while the rest of the areas dry out easily. If you have this type of skin it is best to use cleansers on the mild side and also not too powerful moisturisers. Hydrating moisturisers should be applied on the dry areas of the skin. It is best that the product to be used has alpha-hydroxyl acids.
Once you know your skin type you can treat your problem with the right treatment.