Caught in a Hair Blunder?

Dry Hair Is Sad Hair

Your hair deserves some careful handling. Many are experiencing bad hair days because of their own mistakes. So are you sure that your hair care routine is not doing any damage to it? Check out if you are guilty of the following hair sins.

  • Do you style your hair with the blow dryer directly against it?
  • Do you do a DIY hair colouring? And afterwards when you fail miserably at your attempt, do you go to a salon and not reveal the failed DIY hair colouring you did?
  • Do you let many months pass by before getting a haircut?
  • Do you leave a relaxer on for way too long?

If you have been doing these things, then you are definitely damaging your hair.

Here are some key things to keep in mind to not do your hair much damage.

Don’t Let Your Hair Overheat

The Blow Dryer Offence

You won’t find many women without a blowdryer and some men actually use hair blow dryers. But it is the women that are big users of hair blow dryers. Do you style and straighten your hair at home often with a blow dryer and a brush? It is best to let your hair air dry but if you can’t do without styling your hair, see to it that the blow dryer do not touch your hair. Direct heat from the blow dryer can actually burn your hair. Don’t go into thinking that the only way to straighten their hair is to let the dryer touch it but this is a very bad idea. Make sure that the blow dryer is at least inches away from the brush and not touching your hair. If you are in a hurry to get your hair dry, your best option is to wake up ahead of time.

The Flat Iron Offence

Since flat irons are hot, you should realise that this too can overheat your hair. Overdoing flat ironing your hair will lead to damage and using the flat iron the wrong way will do the same. So how should you flat iron your hair? Do you usually let the flat iron slide through the hair? If you do then you are doing the ironing the wrong way. You should hold the flat iron steady on one spot for awhile and then move to the next spot.

Chemical Romance Offence

Do you have romance with chemicals? Some chemicals used in various hair treatments can actually burn your hair and scalp. If you are planning to get a hair relax or colour it is best to have a trained professional do it rather than doing a DIY stunt.

Nourish Hair with Moroccan Argan Oil

With all the battering your hair faces everyday, you should give it some tender loving. The Moroccan Argan oil will nourish your hair and scalp with its Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. The oil moisturises, protects and repairs the hair.

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