Check Out the Hottest Nail Trends for 2014

2013 was a year of crazy beautiful nail art. But is the trend still the same for 2014? Here are some of the hottest nail trends for this year.

2014 Nail Trends

For those who love art on their nails, here are some of the hottest ideas to consider.

  • Go for simple patterns. Not a fan of crazy beautiful? Then you can go for simple patterns this year. Consider a windowpane design on your nails. Spotted at Tracy Reese is the cool green windowpane design.
  • Mix it up. For those who love colors, mixing different shades is a hot nail trend this 2014. Sometimes, the right color for an occasion is not available. So it’s time to get crafty and start mixing shades to come up with bespoke hues. You’ll need a bit of practice and of course a steady hand. Before you go about mixing all sorts of shades make sure that you have a container ready where you can store the perfect mix you concocted. An empty topcoat bottle is a great option.
  • Try out modern French manicures. Pink and white horizontal lines have become very common when we talk about French manicures. Time to give French manicures some new twist to create a more modern upbeat look. Why not try giving your nails a sheer color and on the tips add in a diagonal sliver of blue? The models at Holmes and Yang surely rocked this nail art design.
  • Love the moon? How about a floating half-moon on your nails? Sure half-moon manicures are not all that new. We’ve seen them back in 2008 and they are still a hot trend even in 2012. But the illusion of a floating half-moon is something new and very eye-catching. The secret to getting your half-moons start looking like they are floating on your nails? The answer is quite simple. Work on a nude base.
  • Go for sheer colors. Sheer is going to be a hot nail trend this coming spring season. Matte nail art may be still ruling, these days but come spring, sheer colors are going to steal the spotlight. If you are not too sure about a polish being sheer, simply open it up and take a look at the brush. If you are able to see the brush bristles through the polish, then for sure it’s sheer.
  • Go for sparkles. Sparkles? But we are done with the holidays?! Sparkles may usually make your nails look all cheers for the holiday but with strategic placement, you’ll avoid having that holiday nail look. So how do you do this? Limit the use of the glittery sparkles on the edges of your nails.

These are just some of the hottest nail trends for 2014 that you can try out.

Proper Nail Care

The hottest nail trend of them all is perhaps and should be proper nail care! With proper care, you would be able to enjoy wearing these beautiful nail art designs.

Argan Oil and Nail Care

Coat your nails regularly with Argan oil to keep them moisturized. Don’t forget to include your cuticles!

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