Chefs Tell All on How Skinny People Eat

Green Leafy Vegetables Are One Of The Foods That Will Let You Stay Slim

Obviously they don’t eat as much as others do. But is that all that skinny people do? Not at all. Chefs tell all on how skinny people eat and it’s not just about not eating as much. Mostly it is eating right. Mostly it is about making the right choices to have a better and healthier body. So if it’s not just about the proportion? What are the other secrets of skinny people? The chefs tell all! Read on and eat like the skinny people and be skinny yourself.

Habits That Can Help You Become And Stay Slim

  • The screen is not your friend. Either the computer screen or the television screen, it pays to stay away from them when having your meal. Why? Because research shows that the people who ate while watching TV or while playing solitaire on their computer people who are undistracted reported feeling fuller than those who ate in front of the screen. Because they feel fuller, the undistracted group also snacked lighter after their meal.
  • Eating water-filled foods. Skinny people know this by heart. Water-filled foods such as salads, cucumbers, watermelons, and soups make people feel full while getting lesser calories. Not only these, water-filled foods also get you more satisfied and therefore make you eat less.
  • Put your imagination skills to good use. Before divulging into your favorite snack or meal, visualize yourself eating that meal slowly. Studies have shown that people who visualize themselves eating a certain meal or food before actually eating it would tend to eat less. The psychology behind this could that process of visualization makes a person used to the food and make that person crave less. So before biting or even ordering that burger or steak, visualize yourself eating that dish. You’ll find you’ll get full faster and have a take home bag after.
  • It’s all in the oil. One of the top secrets of skinny people is eating healthy. The right choice of foods such as green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, and lean meats keep them slim and skinny. You’d think that these foods are tasteless, bland, and boring. Think again. It’s all in the oil. Healthy oils make food more appetizing, tasty, and healthy! Take for instance a small bottle of culinary argan oil. An oil which comes from the southwestern parts of Morocco brings with it both taste and nutrition. Culinary argan oil is taken from the nuts of the argan tree. These nuts are first roasted before the oil is extracted and this gives the oil both a nutty and roasted flavor. Aside from quality taste, argan oil also boasts of its many nutritional benefits. Known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, this oil will surely do your body a lot of good.

Some skinny people may have been born skinny but there are a whole lot of skinny people who are slim because of right eating habits and good eating habits.

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