Choosing the Perfect Gift: 5 Steps to Finding the Best Christmas Gift

Finding the perfect gift for Christmas is not easy. Trying to look for something to give to relatives and friends always turn out to be a difficult chore. You may have looked at an item several times already and asked to see different variations and still couldn’t make a decision. Buying gifts had become a vicious circle. You probably wanted to get an early start on the gift buying but still end up rushing on a last minute shopping.

Wait! There has to be a better way to tackle the gift giving season. Here are 4 steps to finding the perfect Christmas gift. Christmas is a season of happiness and gift giving shouldn’t be a stressful activity.

  1. Who are you buying for? List down the names of people you want to buy gifts for and include important details each person. Are they male or female? What are the age ranges? What is your relationship with them – colleague, friend or relative? The degree of intimacy you have with these people greatly influence the kind of gifts you would want to give.
  2. List down the personalities of these people. What are their hobbies? Think up gift ideas relevant to the things that these people like to do. If the person you are buying for likes to play dart, a book about famous people in darts or a classic dartboard you saw in an antique shop are great gift ideas. Does your best friend want to be an expert in the kitchen? Get her a set of knives or a good recipe book. Be flexible and list down various gift ideas for each person in case the first idea fizzles out.
  3. How much do you want to spend? Put a dollar amount beside each name on your list. Having a budget lets you target the right gifts. You may want to set a higher amount for your parents than for someone at work. More importantly, setting a budget makes it easier to make the final gift choice.
  4. Come up with an annual theme that you will want to base your gifts on. For example, you want to send across a message such as let’s celebrate natural skin care. You can assemble a gift basket that contains various natural skin care products such as facial cleanser, body wash, lotions and moisturizers such as Argan oil.
  5. Don’t wait for a week or a day before Christmas to start your shopping. Make your list ahead of time and hit the stores one weekend at a time. Plan your shopping trips, set a target group and stick to your list. Do advance research to know which stores carry the items that you are planning to buy to save you time and energy.

Hit the stores in the morning to avoid mobs of people. Nothing is more annoying than having to push and shove against a throng of people. And when you are ready to pay for your purchases, you discover that the queue has reached to the back of the store.

Find the perfect gift this Christmas season.

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