Which Is Better: Oil-Based Or Water-Based Moisturizers?


Moisturizers line the aisles at your local beauty store, and each one has a different ingredient list. Choosing between these products normally requires a comparison of oil-based or water-based mixtures. Explore your moisturizing choices and why it’s so important for your skin’s health.

1. Moisturizing is For Everyone

Regardless of your skin type or color, everyone needs some form of moisturizing. The skin is constantly bombarded with varying humidity levels, wind and other elements. You might have oily skin on most days, but different weather patterns affect your complexion. As a solution for most skin types, try argan oil. This oil is in its purest form because it’s derived from a tree found indigenous to Moroccan lands. You shouldn’t experience any ill effects from this oil because it’s natural. Other beauty products in the marketplace can have negative impacts on your skin when chemicals are added into the mixture.

2. Mature-Skin Types

As you grow older, the pores release less oils. You’ll notice dry skin on almost a daily basis. Select oil-based moisturizers for your mature skin. The oils perform several tasks, such as:

  • Hydrating the skin
  • Offering 24-hour moisturizing
  • Combating new wrinkles

Although it’s impossible to cure or prevent wrinkles entirely, a daily regimen of oil-based moisturizing can reduce the effects of these lines. Hydrated skin leads to flexible tissues, which reduces stress on your face. Lines and wrinkles cannot form when the skin can move with ease each day.

3. Oily Skin

You don’t want to add more oil to an oily skin texture so pick out water-based moisturizers in these cases. The water quickly absorbs into your skin while the moisturizer’s other ingredients work on a more balanced complexion. Your skin appears even and less oily with the moisturizer in place. Although most of your face may be oily, there are normally some dry sections. Don’t forgo the moisturizing because of the oily conditions. Water-based moisturizers will keep most of the oil in check as you go about your day. You can also apply some concealing makeup on top of the moisturizer so that any shiny areas are further controlled.

Natural Care Is The Best

4. Acne-Prone Skin

Water-based moisturizers are perfect for acne-prone skin. The molecules don’t become trapped within the pores so new breakouts are rare. Look for moisturizers that have these descriptions, including: • Non comedogenic • Oil free • Skin clearing Be aware that most moisturizers don’t clear up acne. You simply want a mixture with natural elements that won’t irritate your skin. Irritation, skin-cell buildup and oils create a perfect recipe for breakouts. Don’t wait for the water-based moisturizer to absorb into the skin either. Because it moves quickly into your skin, you have a chance to apply foundation and other products to cover up those breakouts.

5. Sensitive People

Oil-based moisturizers are well suited for sensitive skin. The oils create a fine film that reduces irritation. You might also look for oil-based products with some other natural elements, such as aloe. Mix the lotion with argan oil too. Any natural product will soothe your skin without any harmful chemicals. Acids, unnatural elements and other manufactured ingredients will only aggravate your skin. If you’re a senior with dry and sensitive skin, any oil-based moisturizer is a smart choice.

Talk about your daily skin regimen with friends and family. Discuss this article as well. When you learn about everyone’s choices and skin-care options, you can alter your regimen. At the end of the day, your skin should glow with a maturity and beauty that stands the test of time.