Correct Ways to Give Yourself a Manicure

Correct Way Of Doing Your Nails Is Important For Desirable Results
Clean and well manicured nails make a person more attractive. Whether you’re sitting in front of a desk all day, doing customer service for a living, teaching, taking care of animals, or even when you are a stay at home mom – beautiful nails say more about you and your personal hygiene than you think. So why not keep your nails well manicures and clean all the time? Is the trip to the nail salon keeping you from having gorgeous nails? Is the high price tag to regular nails spas and manicures burning a hole in your pocket? Here is some good news! You can care for your nails in your own home. Save time and money with these proper steps to giving yourself a manicure.

The wash

Before anything else, make sure you take time to clean and wash your hands and nails. This is the first step in any good manicure. Use ordinary water and soap to clean your hands and nails. Clean even underneath your nails before doing anything else.

Removing old nail polish

If you have old nail polish on you have to carefully take that off. Never scrape the polish off. Rather use harmless nail polish removers. Use cotton balls to remove the polish out. Take your cotton balls and gently put just enough amount of polish remover. Gently rub the polish off.

Trimming and cutting your nails

Trimming your nails would require a sharp and working nail cutter. Cut a small portion first when you’re unsure of how short or long you want your nails to be. Map out how you would like the corners of your nails to be. It may be rounded or a square type edge. Just make sure you are careful when cutting your nails short, don’t over cut your nails as this may hurt if it’s cut too short.

Using an emery board

Emery boards are inexpensive, get a few and stock them up as emery boards need to be replaced every once in a while. File down your nails especially the edges to keep your nails from being sharp. Emery boards are also important to help keep the shapes of your nails consistent. If it becomes difficult to make the same edges, sizes, and shapes on your nails, you can always adjust with the use of an emery board.

Picking a color and nail polish application

Choose a color you can stand to look at for a few days. If there is an event you will be attending take into consideration the outfit you are going to wear when picking a color. Apply gently avoiding bubbles by staying away from winds. Depending on the shade you want to achieve you may do a second coating of the nail polish.


Once your polish has dried out, don’t forget to moisturize nails and hands. Use argan oil for fast and best results. A few drops of argan oil will keep not just the nails and hands healthy but also your cuticles. Moisturize daily for better looking and stronger nails. Nails need not go through expensive nail spas and salons. Do it yourself manicures helps you get beautiful nails without spending too much.