Correctly Caring for Your Nails With Argan Oil!

While most people know that moisturizers and sunscreens are important for the skin and shampoos and conditioners are needed by the hair, a few know what nails need. Yes most would know that cleaning and trimming nails are necessary, but how does one really care for the nails? Here is an article will discuss just that.

Caring for one’s nails is essential to have healthy and strong nails. Just as moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos, and conditioners keep other parts of the body protected and nourished, the nails need added protection and nourishment too.

Argan Oil and Nails
Known as the “liquid gold” of Morocco, argan oil is the perfect oil for your nails and cuticles. Why is argan oil called “liquid gold”? Simply because it is precious like gold!

Argan oil is extremely rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that help make nails strong and healthy. It is both a good vitamin source and moisturizer. Regular application of this oil to cuticles and nails will ensure nails’ fast growth and cuticles’ softness.

Treating Your Nails Right
Here are some easy ways you can do to help care for your nails:

  • Application of argan oil will fix your dry and brittle nail problems. Aside from this argan oil will also help protect, condition, and moisturize your nails and nail beds.
  • Hand massages will also help by encouraging circulation, helping nail growth.
  • Drinking carrot juice will help your nails become stronger as carrots are rich in calcium and phosphorus.
  • Trim nails regularly, opt for straight-sided with slightly rounded tips to make nails look longer and to avoid split nails.
  • Repair nail splits or tears right away. Cut them if necessary.
  • Consume foods rich in fatty acids, vitamin B, iron, calcium, and potassium to help keep nails healthy.
  • Wear protective gloves when handling harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid drenching nails in water.
  • When using nail polish, make sure to remove it with nail polish remover instead of using blades.

Nails are an important part of the body. Just like hair and skin, nails need extra care and protection. Keeping nails strong and healthy need not be a difficult task. With the right knowledge and simple ingredients like argan oil, your nails are sure to grow strong and shinny.

Keep nails healthy and moisturized. Nails are important too, just like skin and hair.

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