Correctly Dealing With Stubborn Acne Scars

Okay, so you have finally gotten rid of your pimples! That is an accomplishment in itself… but now, those scars are replaced with ugly acne scars. Oh the dilemma is just too much. You’d think this was a double punishment of sorts – first you get the zits, then you get the scars. If you would like to get rid of your acne scars, you would need to know more about acne and scarring. Here are a few good tips to help you get rid of those scars pronto!

Three forms of acne:

  1. Mild Acne – whiteheads and blackheads
  2. Moderately Severe Acne – papules (red inflamed pimples) and pustules (pimples with white centers)
  3. Severe Acne – causes nodules (lumps or cysts that are pus-filled and painful) to appear beneath the skin
Scarring will be most serious in severe acne. It is advisable to deal with the acne immediately especially when you have severe acne. Also, make sure you do not prick any type of acne as this will worsen possible scarring of the acne. More important, you can also risk infecting other parts of your skin with bacteria. Open lesions are also prone to infection so make sure you do not prick those pimples!

Dealing with Acne Scars:

Acne scarring is part of the healing process of pimples and zits. You may however be able to quicken the healing process and make your skin blemish free more quickly. Here are some helpful tips.
  • Wear a good sunscreen – exposure to the sun will further damage acne scars and make it difficult to remove. So make sure you wear sunscreen when you go outside of your home.
  • Do not pick on the scabs – picking or trying to remove scabs will just make the scars worse. Underneath scabs, the lesions from the acne are still healing and scrapping off the scabs would show unhealed scars.

Argan Oil for Acne Scars: A Good Source of Antioxidants

Argan oil from the southwestern parts of Morocco is a good product to apply on your acne scars. Rich in antioxidants, argan oil will help remove otherwise permanent acne scars. They fight free radicals and help to regenerate skin faster – making scars heal faster as well. Argan oil is naturally produced by the women of Morocco. They gather the fruits of the argan tree which is found only in their land, dry them and take out the oil by hand. Nothing is added to the oil mixture except for water which helps to squeeze out the oil. The oil is then drained and packed, making it an all natural product. Rich in different properties that are good for the skin and acne in particular, argan oil has made a name for itself for its positive effects not just in acne but in acne scars as well. If you are having trouble with your acne and the scars that they leave behind, give argan oil a go and see for yourself how wonderful a product from Morocco this oil really is.