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Cosmeceutical Products Vs Traditional Cosmetic Products

For several years now, cosmeceuticals has been a hot topic in the beauty industry. Cosmeceuticals is a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Products of cosmeceuticals are usually moisturizers, anti-aging serums and creams. So how are they any different from the traditional cosmetic products?

The Difference Between Cosmeceuticals and Traditional Cosmetic Products

It is true that cosmeceutical products are a type of cosmetic products. However the difference is that biologically active ingredients are present in cosmeceutical products. These ingredients are formulated to improve the skin’s appearance and more importantly provide a positive effect at a cellular level. These bioactive ingredients in cosmeceutical products are what make them more effective and beneficial to the skin than most of the traditional skin care products that we have been used to lathering on. One is only able to care and treat the skin properly by having a deeper understanding of the skin. You probably are very familiar with the 3 layers of the skin. The outermost layer or the epidermis is regarded as the most important skin layer and this is where dryness and blemishes become visible. The middle layer which is the dermis is what gives the skin its thickness. The dermis holds collagen and elastin fibers responsible for the skin’s firm and elastic properties. The third layer is the hypodermis or fat layer. With age the fat deposits shrink which lead to wrinkles, saggy skin and uneven skin tone. Cosmeceutical products have been formulated to target these three layers, which is why they give positive results better than most traditional cosmetic products.

Cosmeceuticals for Specific Skin Issues

There are many skin conditions that many of us wish to remedy. Spider veins, dark circles under the eyes, stretch marks and visible broken capillaries, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and UV-battered skin are just a few of our worries. The good news is several manufacturers of cosmeceuticals have already made products that specifically target certain skin conditions. And yet another good thing about these cosmeceutical products is that they are suited for any skin type.

Healthy and Glowing Skin: A Three-Step Process

Did you know that to achieve a healthy and glowing skin, you only need to follow 3 steps? Instead of hiding your skin imperfections under a thick layer of make-up, follow the rule of priming, treating and accelerating. What does this mean?
    • Priming This involves cleansing and exfoliation. This step should be followed religiously.
  • Treating and Accelerating The next step is to be proactive in treating the primary skin issue you have and accelerate great results by making sure that the products you would be using are specifically designed to effectively treat the problematic area.
Daily Skin Care Regimen Following a daily skin care regimen religiously is your best defense against early skin aging and one of the best methods to achieve that healthy and glowing skin you yearn for. Following these three steps everyday can help avoid skin issues like having dry or too oily skin and of course prevent the early onset of fine lines and creases. Share this post to everyone you know!


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