Cosmeceuticals: Should You Be Concerned About Its Safety?

Cosmeceutical products is perhaps the newest trend that hit the beauty industry. The term cosmeceutical is a marriage between cosmetic and pharmaceuticals. Anti-aging cosmeceutical products or popularly referred to as cosmeceuticals have smitten many women (and some men) and in fact it is one of the best selling products of the entire cosmetic industry.

Are Cosmeceuticals Safe?

Cosmeceuticals are widely marketed as being safe to use. But how safe are they really? Manufacturers of cosmeceutical products have been proudly saying that their products are the newest breakthrough in the world of skin care and anti-aging. They have proudly revealed that cosmeceuticals are effective in fighting skin aging and keeping the skin beautiful because of certain chemicals in their products that help alter the physical structure of the skin. But should we be concerned about altering the physical structure of the skin with chemicals? Will this have a negative impact on the skin and even more so our overall health?

Here’s what we found out.

A Deeper Understanding of Cosmeceuticals and Its Safety

In 1984, the cosmetics industry first adopted the term cosmeceutical applied to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams. Some experts believe that the cosmetics industry did this to avoid subjecting the claims made by the cosmetics industry to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Therefore a new category of products that did more than just improving the appearance of the skin but does somewhat less than pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Albert Kligman the dermatologist behind the coining of the term cosmeceutical revealed in a 2005 interview with Dermatologic Surgery that about 90% of all cosmetics marketed in the world are probably cosmeceuticals. He further said the following statements.

“The terminology regarding the distinction between cosmetics and drugs is a marketing game in the U.S. If you reverse aging, you are a drug. If you smooth skin, you are a cosmetic. Categorization depends more on the language on the bottle rather than the product in the bottle.”

These statements made by Dr Albert Kligman is very troubling. They raise concerns about the identity and safety of ingredients in cosmeceutical products. And with many women and even a number of men happily using these products on their skin, believing that they are safe is alarming. The skin is the largest organ of the body and whatever chemicals we slather or apply on it, will get inside our system.

The cosmetics industry claims that cosmeceuticals or cosmeceutical products are safe and effective. But these claims are somewhat anecdotal rather than providing scientific data. In 2007, The Mayo Clinic gave out a warning about cosmeceuticals stating that these products have rarely been tested for safety. The Mayo Clinic also warned that cosmeceuticals may have powerful active ingredients that can impact biological processes.

Alternative Anti-aging Methods

When it comes to keeping your skin youthful, you should make sure that the product or products you are using will not compromise your health in anyway. The best way to keep your skin healthy and youthful is by leading a healthy lifestyle and not doing any skin harming habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. There are also natural anti-aging products without dangerous chemicals such as the Argan oil that can effectively help keep the skin youthful.

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