Culinary Ways of the Argan Oil

Improve Your Food Using Argan Oil

The Argan oil is known for its multiple uses. And one of this is in the kitchen. The culinary use of this oil is as old as the history of the Moroccan people. So today you will learn how to use this Moroccan oil to cook impressive dishes.

With its strong nutty taste and smell, this oil adds so much to any dish provided that you use it correctly. Due to its intense effect on the taste buds it is a must to use this Moroccan oil as a flavoring primarily then a cooking oil.

Argan Oil on Fish

Applying this oil on a fish dish means that you will probably have a sauce or a stew with it. But you can also have grilled fish flavored with this oil. Just remember to apply the oil sparingly to create a perfect blend of flavor. You would not want too much of this oil on your fish.

A lot of chefs have explored the culinary uses of this Moroccan oil on fish that it can now be said that you can use this oil on just any type of dish that involves fish. You think the Japanese Sashimi is untouchable? Think again. You can now make Sashimi and add this oil to make it tastier.

Argan Oil on Poultry

With poultry you can go the easy route and get some chicken to make a Moroccan chicken salad. This is a traditional Moroccan dish with Almonds and Green Mango, flavored with the rare Moroccan oil. You should really try this dish. But if you want to experiment you can always tap on the most common chicken dishes that you prepare and add this oil into it.

And just like using the oil on fish, use it sparingly as well on poultry dishes. You can have a more flavorful stuffed chicken or turn a ordinary spicy chicken into a Moroccan spicy chicken with the nutty flavour of this oil once you add it as a drizzle.

Argan Oil on Meat

Just like cooking fish and poultry dishes, you cook meat with argan oil and you end up having a sauce or stew. This means that you can experiment on any pork and beef dishes. But if you want to you can go the Moroccan way and prepare lamb meat with this healthy oil. The Moroccan Lamb Tangine comes to mind. But you can always make a beef and pork tanginess as well with the Moroccan oil.

Salad Dressing

This miracle oil from Morocco plus lemon makes a great salad dressing. The argan-lime combination is perfect for almost any type of salads, from the typical Caesar salad to the Moroccan’s citrus salad.

As you can see, you are not supposed to use argan oil alone. The common culinary recommendation is to mix argan oil with lemon juice or lime at a ration of 2 to 1, with 2 being the Moroccan oil. This balances out the strong nutty smell and taste of the oil which is evident from the moment you open the bottle. So try using the Argan oil and start giving twists to the most common dishes that you cook.

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