Curing Nail Lifting With Argan Oil!

Argan Oil Comes With Many Benefits
Onycholysis of the lifting of your nails off of the nail bed may occur at either one’s fingernails or toenails. The lifting process usually starts off gradually and is painless. But as the condition worsens it may become painful. When nails are lifted from the nail bed, the extra space in between them will allow dirt and debris to settle in. This condition also makes it easier for water to accumulate, causing the area to get infected. Adults are more often victims of nail lifting. Although nail lifting may occur in both men and women, it is the latter who are more at risk. The causes of this nail problem are many. Among which are: nail injuries, infections, allergies to various nail products, an internal disorder, side effects from medication/drugs, nail cosmetics, pregnancy, or aggressive manicures/pedicures. Medications such as tetracycline, minocycline, or naproxen may cause high sensitivity to sunlight. This condition may cause sunburn under the nails causing nail lifting. On a different note, people who are often exposed to water and have their nails immersed in water for long periods of time may also have nail lifting problems. If nail lifting occurs in all nails, then an iron deficiency may be suspected or an overactive thyroid may be the cause. Although this nail condition is not contagious, solving the problem is important as this could cause other problems.

Argan Oil for the Nails

Argan oil will help nourish your nails and keep it healthy and strong. Regular application of argan oil to the nails will give the right amount of nutrients that the nails need to keep it from lifting. A few drops of argan oil are enough to nourish and protect the nails. This will also ensure you that your nails have an extra protection against harmful chemicals and solutions.

Cures for Nail Lifting

  1. Prevention is always better than any kind of treatment. So if you know what causes your nails to lift, eliminate the cause.
  2. It always helps to keep the nails short. Cut the nails weekly and avoid bumping them and further damaging them.
  3. Avoid tapping the nails on the desktop or keyboards as these may shock the nails causing further lifting and damage.
  4. Avoid moisture. Wear vinyl gloves if you are working in wet areas.
  5. Avoid contact with irritants such as chemicals and harsh solutions. Wear gloves if necessary.
  6. Stop nail biting if you are a nail biter.
  7. Look into home treatment regimens to help cure nail condition. Nourishing the fingernails and toenails with all natural products like argan oil will help a lot.
The nails are an important part of our daily lives. We use them regularly but do not care for them as much as we should. Caring for your nails is an important job you need to comply with and keeping them healthy is necessary to have them doing their function properly. Avoid the pain and the stress and nourish your nails!