Curling Toenails

You Should Always Care For Your Toenails
Do you have a curling toenail? For those who do not know what a curling toenail is it is a nail that is not growing straight out. Usually the nail curves inwards or outwards. The curving in or out of the nail depends on numerous factors. The way a person walks, the type of shoes worn and how heavy their feet sweat are some of the factors that impact a curling toenail. As the toenail becomes longer it’s possible that it embeds into the soft skin that sourrounds the nail and then grow inside the skin. You can imagine how painful this is. The toe will not only be painful and swollen, it is also very likely that the toe will have pus. In some very serious cases, people with toenail require surgery to address the problem. It is quite common for many to have a curling toenail and there are different reasons for it. A sportsman or an athlete can have a curling toenail because of excessive sewating and constantly wearing shoes that are tight topped with socks that have been dampened. Someone can also get a curling toenail because of getting too many pedicures or excessive trimming of the sides of the toenails. Young children can also have curling toenails because of running around a lot and some children take care of trimming their nails which they may be doing improperly. Cuts and scratches are all part of childhood and with cuts and scratches around the nail bed, infection can start easily. Curling toenails can run in the family. If you have the genes for curling toenails, you need to take extra care of your feet so that you avoid getting infection in your toes.

Avoiding a Curling Toenail and Infections

Of course, no one wishes for a curling toenail. The great news is there are ways on how you can avoid having this toenail condition.
  1. Trim your nails properly! Cutting too close to the nail bed is a big NO! You probably are used to trimming your nails with nail cutters like most people but nippers are actually the ideal tool to use in trimming nails.
  2. Always wear a fresh pair of cotton socks! Cotton readily absorbs moisture which prevents your nails from being exposed to curling nail fungus. During hot days, it is best to wear open shoes or sandals so that the feet with the nails can breathe.
  3. Stay away from shoes made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials trap moisture which in turn softens the skin of your toes. Having soft skin makes it easier for curved nails to penetrate.
  4. Clean and Dry! These are the two words you have to remember when it comes to your feet. Keep them clean so that you can prevent your curling toenail from starting any infection. Keep them dry as moist feet are more susceptible to infection as bacteria thrives on moisture.
Pamper your toenails with Argan oil. The oil conditions your cuticles and makes the nails healthy. You can massage the oil on your toenails or you can make a half-half mixture of the oil and lemon juice. Soak your toenails in the mixture for a few minutes and wipe dry after.