Curly Hair Myths Busted!

Admit it, curly hair is more attractive and seductive compared to long, straight hair. Some would disagree with this and some would agree. The truth is both curly and straight hair is sexy and attractive. But for some those curls just have that extra edge. The curls itself make a statement. Even celebrities undergo different methods to achieve those red carpet-worthy curls. But those lovely locks don’t happen overnight. You’ll need to shower it with a lot of caring. But are you sure you are following the right rules in taking care of your curly hair? Get to know the facts about curly hair first so you’d know how to care for your curls the right way! Here are some popular curly hair myths
  1. Straight hair grows faster than curly hair. – This one is very obvious. The style or texture of your hair doesn’t define the rate of your hair growth. One’s genes, lifestyle and diet are the major players in hair growth. Among these three major factors, you can control two which are your diet and lifestyle. So make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet. Always eat your fruits and vegetables rich with vitamins and nutrients that promote hair growth.
  2. Your curly hair doesn’t need to be combed. – This is so false. Your curly hair is more prone to tangles which is why it still needs combing. However, don’t use your regular comb. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the strands so that you won’t experience a massive hair fall. It is best for you to comb your hair before you step into the shower. If you comb your hair after your shower, you’ll end up having an unruly big bush throughout the day. Also, never yank the hair while combing. This will result to hair fall and split ends. It is best to comb it slowly and gently.
  3. Curly hair requires lower maintenance than straight hair. – This may vary to some people. If you are satisfied with a dry and untamed curly hair, then by all means this is true. But for those people who don’t want that electrocuted look, then this statement is not true. Whether it’s curly or straight, your hair needs to be taken care of. Aside from the fact that your curly hair needs proper nutrients, it also needs moisturizing too. A product known as the Argan oil or what they call “liquid gold of Morocco” works very well in attaining those gorgeous locks. It moisturizes and prevents the hair from having further damage. It also repairs brittleness of the hair due to hair treatments (digital perm, cold wave perms, etc), making locks healthy and bouncy once again.
  4. Your curly hair doesn’t require regular shampooing – Shampoo is used to remove the dirt, oil, dandruff and other environmental pollutants stuck on your hair. Curly hair is not an exemption to those pollutants and dirt. It could harbour dirt as much as straight hair does. However, with regular shampooing, your hair is stripped off its natural oil. It is best to shampoo your hair at least thrice a week or alternate with a conditioner!