Cursed with Dry Skin? Here are 5 Remedies!

Do you think that you are cursed forever with dry skin? Dry skin is something that most women would not love to have and many spend much of their hard earned money for beauty products that promise to bring nothing but smooth and soft skin.

If you are suffering from dry skin you should also pay attention to how you care for your skin. Skin care is not just about the beauty products that you apply. It is also about the daily beauty regimen that you do.

Is your beauty regimen actually helping you improve the health of your skin or simply drying it out? No matter how good your intention is there are just some things that can do your skin more harm than good. To remedy dry skin follow these 5 simple tips.

  1. Skip the hot bath. Or at least cut it down into once a month. A hot bath may be relaxing but it actually dries out your skin. You will feel more stressed out trying to remedy your very dry skin if you frequently submerge your body in hot baths. Hot water may seem inviting but it strips off your skin of its essential oils and moisture thus resulting to dry skin. You should only bathe in warm water and at most for about 15 minutes. If you love hot showers switch to warm showers and spend lesser time doing so.
  2. Avoid bubble baths. Most of us have been used to bubble baths ever since childhood but if you don’t want dry skin then you should avoid this bath ritual no matter how much you love it. You can do this maybe once a month but if you can skip the bubbles altogether the better your skin will be.

The bubbles you so love actually rob the skin of its natural and essential oils thus leaving it very dry. You can instead switch to bath oils or try an oatmeal or milk powder for your bath.

  • Shave the right way. Many women shave their legs and arms. If you do shave make sure that you shave the right way which is in the direction of hair growth. You probably are guilty of doing the exact opposite. Don’t feel ashamed many actually commit this mistake.
  • You should also use a moisturising gel or cream for shaving to avoid nicks. Make sure that your shaving moisturiser gel or cream has aloe or essential oils to keep the skin moisturised. You should also stay away from any shaving moisturiser which has alcohol in its ingredients.
  • Pat dry after showering or bathing. Many actually rub themselves dry. Don’t be too harsh on your skin. Gently just pat the towel on your skin to dry up. This is so your skin can still retain some of its moisture.
  • Moisturise with Argan oil. Use Argan oil as your moisturiser after showering or bathing. Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, Squalene, Vitamin E, Sterols, Polyphenols, Ferulic acid, Carotenoids and Prostaglandins. Because of these components this oil has not only moisturising properties but also anti aging properties. Be sure that after you pat dry with the skin still damp moisturise with this oil.

With these tips you can say goodbye to your dry skin and wake up to a smooth and healthy skin.

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