Cursed with Dry Skin?

If You Are Dehydrated, You'll Have Dry Skin

Xerosis cutis commonly known as dry skin is a condition of the epidermis associated to overly stretched and itchy skin. Dryness of skin on the face is quite bothersome because it is an area that is very exposed. When dry skin is not treated early it can be followed by peeling or flaking, redness, facial lines that look like tiny cracks on your epidermis. 

The areas prone to dryness are usually near the sides of the mouth, nose, around the eyes and eye brows. Dehydration is the main cause for dry skin. The weather plays a big role to how your skin feels and reacts. You may notice that your skin tends to feel dry when the atmosphere is cold, or breezy. Any sudden changes in weather like rainfall, low humidity, overexposure to the sun will affect your skin.

Vitamin deficiencies, poor health and lifestyle can all contribute to dry skin. If you’re suffering from dry skin the first step you need to take is to know the cause. Once you’ve determined the cause you will have a better chance of successfully treating your dry skin.

There is a wide range of traditional and DIY treatments to help you deal with dry skin. Some people prefer treating xerosis cutis naturally because medication tends to dry the skin even more because of some chemical components.

You Can Combat Dry Skin

Bet you didn’t know that the littlest changes in your regimen can make a whole lot of difference such as replacing your usual facial wash with a milder version. Washing your face in cool water can help but you should remember to not overwash as this would lead to even more dryness. Natural moisturizers like coconut milk and honey have been proven effective as topical treatments. The Moroccan Argan oil is a very potent moisturiser. It contains a high concentration of Vitamin E which is known to effectively moisturise the skin. It also contains other nutrients with moisturising properties such as essential fatty acids and sterols. The oil is becoming a favourite remedy for dry skin by numerous women all over the world. Stock up on this wonderful oil because aside from moisturizing the epidermis, it actually penetrates deep in the skin, healing it from within. Packed with antioxidants it helps protect cells from damage and repair them too. Try to visualize it this way. The vitamins and nutrients found in Argan oil are like the little doctors of your weakening skin cells. They help repair and promote cell growth and development. Easing up on sweets and caffeine will change the state of your skin from inside out. Try taking supplements rich in vitamins A, E, and C . Leafy greens and fruits are packed with these potent antioxidants so fill your plate with them. Wear sun protection! A good old sunscreen lotion will prevent dryness and premature skin aging. Perhaps the most overlooked remedy is drinking enough water. Hydrate your body from the inside. Drink the recommended 8 glasses a day. Not only will this free your skin from dryness, but it will flush out toxins too.