Dandruff Driving You Mad? Get Your Sanity Back with Argan Oil!

Dandruff Is An Annoying And Embarrassing Problem

Dandruff is very irritable! Not only will you have visible white flakes that would often times fall on your shoulders, it can drive you crazy from all the itching.

When you want to get rid of dandruff, you must first address what’s causing it.

When you have dandruff, this means that your scalp has an acidic pH level when naturally it should have an alkaline pH level. So how do you bring back your scalp to its alkaline pH level?

Instead of shopping for anti-dandruff shampoos, you should treat your dandruff problems with effective homemade and organic solutions. The reason? Well, many beauty products including anti-dandruff shampoos contain numerous ingredients that are actually toxic to your body. You would often see the ingredients fragrance, parabens and formaldehyde in hair care products and these ingredients should be avoided at all cost.

These ingredients have been found to cause or potentially cause cancer. It is best to avoid any product containing harmful ingredients. So what are your options in beating dandruff? You have a lot of safer alternatives.

  • Moroccan Argan Oil – The Moroccan Argan oil is an organic product that has been receiving numerous praises all across the globe. Although this oil has only debuted in the modern world recently, the Berber tribe of Morocco has been using this oil for many centuries. The oil has served the Berber tribe in their culinary, cosmetic and medical needs. The Moroccan Argan oil is great for the skin, hair and nails. Among its many benefits is its anti-dandruff powers.The oil is known to regulate sebum production. Your scalp is made up of skin. The skin has sebaceous glands which produces sebum that naturally serves as its protection often called the acid mantle. When your sebaceous glands become overactive and produce more sebum than normal this is when your scalp will have an acidic pH level therefore causing the oily type of dandruff. With regular use of this oil, your sebum production will become manageable therefore combatiing dandruff. The Moroccan Argan oil is also loaded with nutrients that are essential in promoting the skin’s health and as we said the scalp is skin. It is packed with Vitamin E, unsaturated essential fatty acids, Phenols, Ferulic acid, Sterols, Triterpens, Squalene, Prostaglandins and Carotenoids. All of these ingredients benefit the skin.
  • Lime Juice – You can also apply a teaspoon of fresh lime juice on your scalp for your last rinse when taking a shower. The lime juice breaks down the excess sebum that has pooled on your scalp and would deep cleanse your scalp which would remedy this itchy problem.
  • Vinegar and Water Solution – Another home remedy for dandruff is vinegar and water solution. All you need is 2 spoonfuls of vinegar mixed with 6 spoonfuls of water. With a cotton wool apply the solution on your scalp and leave it overnight. Remember to rinse your hair in the morning unless you want to wear a hair smelling like vinegar. Do this at least once a week for 3 months.

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