Dealing With Pimples Head On

Pimples Are Coming And You Should Stop Them

Carol Burnett once said that “adolescence is one big pimple”. For most teens, this is sadly true. Pimples rule the teen stage and sometimes, pimples may also be a source of shame and regret for adults. Oh pimples! What have we done to deserve you?


Pimples and pimple scars are brought about by many factors. Some factors may be altered while others are just a fact of life. Hormonal changes for instance that are brought about by transformations in the body are something hard to change. What we can do about it though is to care for the pimples to avoid scarring.

On the other hand, other factors such as poor hygiene and unhealthy care for the skin and pimples make matters worse. These are some factors that can be altered to avoid unwanted results.


Having clean nails and hands, washing your face, bathing – these are just some of the basic solutions to preventing pimples. You see, bacteria that reaches the skin and clogs the pores cause pimples to appear on your supposedly porcelain like skin. So it pays to wash your hands and clean your nails before touching your face. Washing your face could be tricky though. You can’t wash your face too often as this could also bring about pimples. Wash face about 2x a day and you’ll be fine. Too much washing could dry out the skin and alert the body to make more oils that could make pimples appear too. Bathing is an important factor in personal cleanliness. This also allows for heat to escape the body. Bathe at least once a day.


Pimple scars leave a lasting mark on your body. They do lighten in time but it will take a while. That is why preventing scars is always the best route to go. When you get pimples one of the best ways to prevent scarring is by avoiding squeezing them. It may be very tempting to squeeze your zits but if you don’t want to get scars, I suggest you avoid this act.

When your pimples start to heal and dry out they would begin to itch. Refrain from scratching them as this could cause for scabs to be removed when they are not yet supposed to. Never pick at scabs. They will fall off when they are ready to and this is the best way to avoid pimple scars.


Aside from being clean and avoiding squeezing, scratching, and playing with scabs, another way to treat pimples and pimple scars is by using natural products that have pimple caring effects. Such as product is argan oil. An all natural oil that comes all the way from the southwestern parts of Morocco. Rich in vitamin E, argan oil is able to keep skin healthy and protected from bacteria. Aside from this, argan oil can also bring the production of oils in the body to a normal level. With its rich components and nutrients argan oil can help to lessen pimples, prevent scarring, and treat pimple scars.

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