Delay the Signs of Skin Aging with Argan Oil

No one can stop aging! That is the reality! As we become older the signs become more visible in our bodies and it is our skin that shows most of the signs of aging. This is because the skin is exposed for every one to see. It is a fact that the skin starts aging by the time we reach our twenties. However the aging signs should start becoming visible much later on and we are talking about decades later on. Sadly in today’s modern world the signs of skin aging become very visible early on in life. The most common signs of skin aging are wrinkles, dryness of the skin as well as sun spots. Did you know that the skin will produce less of its essential oils as we grow older? The effect would be our skin becoming prone to being dry. Add to the fact that the elements continuously batter our skin. When we age, our skin also becomes thinner because of the skin losing its fats. The result would be sallow and saggy skin. There is also gravity! Yes gravity! Thanks to gravity everything is pulled down including the skin. You would not want to have saggy skin would you? Although aging can not be stopped, there are still ways on how to delay and minimise the signs of skin aging. Now that’s great news! Of course all is not lost and your skin still has salvation! Here are ways on how to delay the signs of skin aging.

Tips on How to Delay Skin Aging

  • Regulate Your Sun Exposure – Unprotected sun exposure is the major cause of skin aging! This is because the sun’s Ultra Violet rays penetrate deep under the skin damaging DNA and collagen. So if you don’t want to have wrinkles remember to avoid direct sun exposure. It is also important to note that UV rays cause skin cancer. See to it that you wear sunscreen lotion every time you would be under the sun. Make no excuses! Even if you would be under the sun for just a few minutes and even if it’s winter time, you need to apply sunscreen lotion. Remember the rule of 15 in sunscreen lotion. Use a sunscreen lotion with a minimum SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 and apply to the skin at least 15 minutes before exposure.
  • Avoid Tanning Beds – Tanning beds should also be crossed out. Although you may have been reading in magazines and online that celebrities love to get their tan with the aid of tanning beds you should not follow their suit. Tanning beds also emit UV rays that are as harmful (or even more dangerous) as those from the sun.
  • Stub Out Your Cigarettes – Many women are smoking nowadays. Did you know that cigarettes cause deep wrinkles and premature aging of the skin? In fact it is cigarettes that ranks second next to sun exposure as the biggest cause of skin aging. Start quitting smoking now!
  • Moisturise Daily with Argan Oil – Daily application of moisturiser helps the skin to look and feel young as well as beautiful. The Argan oil contains many components that nourish, protect and moisturise the skin avoiding dryness of the skin.
If you are serious about delaying the signs of skin aging then follow these tips!

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