Different Acne Causes You Might Not Know About

Acne is a skin condition that is both irritating and embarrassing. Although not deadly, having acne adds unneeded stress in a person’s life. And although some causes of acne are well known, there are those reasons that are not so popular. These causes maybe the triggering factors of your acne so better read on and find out the different causes of acne you might not know about!

  • Physical pressure on your skin. Actual physical pressure brought about by spending too much time on the phone for example is one of the reasons for acne. Other activities that involve putting pressure on your skin are playing the violin and resting your chin on your hand or knee.
  • Your bed sheets, pillow cases and your towels. These are fabrics that your skin often touches. Sheets and pillow cases when you sleep or rest and your bathroom towel after a shower or brushing your teeth. These fabrics harbor bacteria that could be transferred to your skin. These will in turn build up and acne may form.
  • Stress. Stress from school, work, family, or friends may cause your hormones to act up and for acne to show up. Learning how to relax is a good way to resolve stress issues. Learning yoga and breathing exercises are some of the effective ways how.
  • Over drying your skin. Either you wash your skin too often or you use too much astringent. Drying your skin actually triggers your glands to produce more sebum that causes acne. So keep your skin moist but not oily and avoid drying out your skin.
  • Too much tanning and sun exposure. Summer is one triggering season for acne breakouts. Tanning and over exposure to the sun also dries out and damages skin causing acne problems.
  • Your hair. Hair strands that touch your face could irritate your face. Dirty hair, hair with harmful products such hairspray or gel could irritate the skin. Bangs may also exacerbate the problem so keep your hair away from your hair to avoid acne.
  • Popping your pimples, forcefully picking on blackheads and whiteheads. These actions could spread the bacteria in other parts of your skin causing more acne to erupt. Aside from this, always picking and touching your acne could be bringing the bacteria deeper into the skin making it harder to heal. So stop touching and pricking those acne.


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