Discover How Argan Oil is Produced!

Argan Oil Comes From The Fruits Of Argan Tree

There is a new product gaining much deserved popularity in the markets today. A lot of people and experts are clamoring to get a hold of this product. Nothing fancy, nothing outlandish, and nothing hard to understand – just dark colored bottles with oil inside of them. This is what people are talking about.

Why the sudden interest in this oil?
This oil is no ordinary oil. Argan oil as it is called, although being used for centuries by natives who discovered it, has only been introduced in worldwide markets recently. As it is scientifically proven to give relief to various ailments, give nutrients to various parts of the body, and is also tasty and useful in the kitchen – this oil is being bought and sought after.

Where is it from?
Argan oil is from the southwestern parts of Morocco. The oil is taken from the kernels of a local tree – the Argan tree. Able to survive in arid conditions, the argan tree has preferred the hot lands of Morocco. Although this tree has been tried to be grown in different parts of the world, it is only in Morocco that it has really thrived and survived.

How is argan oil produced?
Argan oil is 100% all natural. What this means is that no chemicals or harsh solutions were used in the production of this oil. As the argan tree is only found in the southwestern parts of Morocco, its local women are in charge of argan oil’s production.

Argan oil is gathered manually. Picked and dried, the nuts of the tree are taken from its fruits. Once dried, the nuts are manually opened with the use of the hands and large pieces or stones. Kernels are then taken out from the nuts. Kernels that will be used to get oil for consumption are lightly toasted before oil is extracted while oil that is used for beauty procedures are taken from raw kernels.

What are argan oil’s important properties?

  • Vitamin E – highly rich in Vitamin E, argan oil is a great antioxidant. Using argan oil will help you protect your skin from free radicals that are associated to skin aging and cancer.
  • Fatty Acids – rich in fatty acids such as saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats are all present in this oil. Known for promoting good cholesterol and discouraging bad cholesterol, argan oil has been proven to do great wonders for one’s health.
  • Carotenoids – mainly found in plants, carotinoids are helpful in protecting the skin and other parts of the body from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. This prevents skin cancer and skin problems such as aging.

Really a wondrous oil, the argan oil is produced and now being used worldwide because of its rich nutrients. Able to cater to all skin types and people of all ages, it has become more popular over the last few years. An all natural product that has made a name for itself, argan oil is truly a wonder of an oil.