Your Nails Should Be Cared For Properly To Let Them Stay Firm And Strong

Discovering the Structure of the Nails!

Why is it important to know the structure of your nails? It will allow you to understand how the parts of the nails work, their duties and functions, and why you need to care for them. Knowing the structure of your nails will also help you to nourish and care for your nails. Okay, let us begin to discuss the structure of your nails.

The nails are made up of the following structures:


  • Acts as a protective shield. The nail plate protects the nail bed underneath it.


  • This is the root of the nail.
  • It is hidden and it is not visible.
  • Produces keratin that makes up the nail plate.
  • This part of the nail determines the thickness and shape of the nail.
  • Most important part of the nail as when the matrix is damaged, the appearance of the nail will also be damaged.


  • Acts as protectors of the matrix.


  • Acts as a barrier, the eponychium acts a s a seal that stops bacteria and infection to reach the matrix.


  • Also known as the dead skin cells or the true cuticle, this part of the nails needs to be removed once in a while to avoid build up.


  • Also known as the “moons”, these are keratin cells that still have some of their content.

The various parts of the nails hold different roles. Each one responsible for the other. Caring for each part is essential in keeping the whole nail healthy. Just what do the nails need? Nutrients!!! Where can nails get nutrients from?


Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help you big time. When you eat nutritional foods like vegetables and fruits, lean meats, and fish, you are certain to get what your nails and your whole body needs. Aside from this, exercising on a regular basis will also help keep you and your body parts on top shape. You need to have a conditioned body to keep your body parts working right, including your nails. Walking is one way to exercise. It doesn’t cost a single centavo and you can do it on your spare time at work, after work, in school and after school.


Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, unhealthy foods sometimes win the battle. Although we might know that a carrot stick is healthier than a grilled cheese burger, we still opt for what tastes better. Here is where argan oil steps in. It is an all natural product that you can apply directly to your nails, cuticles, and hands. Massaging it daily in these parts of your body will help circulate the blood. More important, argan oil has important vitamins and fatty acids that your nails need to grow healthy and strong. A few drops every day will assure you that your nails are getting every nourishment they need. When things become hectic and choices are not made correctly, know that argan oil can and will always save the day. Protect your nails and its different parts by using argan oil today!


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