DIY Manicure Tips for that Pro Look!

Most of us know how to manicure our nails already. Most of us are also very much aware that no matter how hard we try, the results of our mini-manicure at home just don’t look as good as those in a salon. The reason?

Often we skip on some important nail pampering steps when we do our mini-manicure at home. Follow this 3-minute manicure guide, without skipping on any step. Ladies, if you want nice nails, you need to work for it, okay?

Let’s begin!

  1. Wash your hands then dry.
  2. Remove nail polish.
  3. File nails to desired shape.
  4. Moisturise nails.Often, you go straight to pushing your cuticles after filing. Admit it. I am guilty too. Nail experts, however, say that moisturizing your hands and nails first is important if we want our nails to look like it’s been manicured by a professional.

    So for this step, we’ll need oil and sugar mixed in a bowl. Scrub your hands with the mixture. Without using soap, wash it with water then dry.

    Here, you can opt for oils that offer multiple benefits like Argan oil. This oil will not only moisturize your nails, this will strengthen them as well. Also, this oil is great for your hands. This so-called liquid gold has anti-aging properties so your hands will definitely get a youthful boost after.

  5. To soften cuticles, submerge hands in water for five minutes then push your nail cuticles.
  6. After this step, usually, you’ll proceed to manicure application. Manicurists, however, say that you should take the time to massage your nails and cuticles first to improve circulation. This is an important step which will let blood flow to your hands and nails and promote cell renewal in these often neglected body parts.
  7. Another step that we often skip at home is wrapping our hands and nails with warm towel after massaging cuticles. This is an important step to prep our nails for the polish.
  8. Before applying the polish, apply base coat first. This will help smoothen nails for an even polish application. Let it dry for two minutes then apply your favourite polish.
  9. Last but definitely not the least, to prolong life of your polish, you have to change your unfounded perception that moisturizing polished nails will shorten its life span. Strengthening and moisturizing your polished nails with oils actually do the contrary.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon have manicure nails like they’re done by a pro! The best thing is your beautiful manicure would cost you a lot less!

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