DIY Nail Strengthener and Moisturiser

Applying Nail Moisturizer To Your Nails Is Important To Keep It Healthy

It is alarming to know the fact that most beauty products sold in the market contain chemicals that are toxic to the body. We all love making ourselves look good but our health should not be put in jeopardy.

Tons of popular personal care and beauty products make use of ingredients that are either known to be or suspected to be carcinogenic. So how sure are you that the beauty products you have been lathering on your skin or applying on your hair and nails do not have any ingredient that would bring your body harm? Are you still willing to gamble your health just so you look good?

Most beauty and personal care products such as soaps, moisturisers, cleansers, nail polish and shampoos contain ingredients that are toxic to the body. What common toxic ingredients are found in beauty products? Here are 3 harmful ingredients commonly found in most beauty products. Check the ingredients of your personal care products and see if they do not contain these harmful ingredients.

  • Phthalates (DBP, DEHP) – This is a toxic ingredient that can cause cancer and even adult infertility. Expecting mothers who continuously expose themselves to this substance should be aware that phthalates can have ill effects on the unborn child they are carrying.
  • Formaldehyde – Throw out any product that you see with Formaldehyde or Formalin listed in its ingredients. This chemical is carcinogenic or in lay man’s term something that is known to cause cancer.
  • Parabens – Studies have shown that parabens can potentially cause cancer. In numerous studies done recently, traces of parabens have been found in women suffering from breast cancer.

It is not wrong to want to look good. But if your health is jeopardised in the process then this is not good at all. Ever heard of the saying “If you can’t get what you need in stores, just make one at home”? If you are not too familiar with this maybe it is time to get more acquainted with this kind of attitude! It is time to hone your D-I-Y or Do-It-Yourself skills! Yes, you can make your very own beauty products. This way, you would know what goes in on the products you would be using! This is the best way to keep harmful chemicals far far away from your body!

Want to strengthen and moisturise your nails? Here’s a recipe!

DIY Nails Strengthener and Moisturiser

You’ll need the following:

  • Moroccan Argan oil – You’ll need just 2 teaspoons of the oil. The Moroccan Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. These two nutrients strengthen and moisturise the nails. Cuticles are also moisturised with regular application.
  • Salt – You’ll need 2 teaspoons.
  • Wheat germ oil – You’ll need just a teaspoon.

Just combine all ingredients in a bottle with a lid. Remember to give the bottle a good shake before each use. Just coat your nails with a small amount of the mixture and let it soak for about 5 minutes. You’ll need a coton pad to wipe off your nails.

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