What are the Components to a DIY Spa Day?

Have you ever wondered where the spa bath originated from? In some circles, it’s believed that the term “spa” came from a Belgium town where this word means “fountain.” Other historical information also depicts Roman soldiers using the power of a spa in order to cure their aching bodies after a battle.

Regardless of the history behind the spa, this practice still helps the body on several levels. From relieving muscle pain to rejuvenating your mind, get to know the basics of the perfect spa as you turn up the heat in your bathroom.

Bath Bombs or Salts

Fill up your bathtub with warm water, and be sure to pick an intoxicating scent for the soapy component. You can add in basic bubbles, but look for the trendier salts or bath bombs. Both of these products dissolve into the water with a divine scent that wafts into the air.

Choose a scent that triggers relaxing thoughts in your mind. The room will fill up with these smells so be sure to keep the door closed during your bath.

Adding in the Argan Oil

Drizzle argan oil into the bath so that you can benefit from its moisturizing power. It also gives your skin other perks, such as:

  • Permeates deeply into the tissues
  • Hydrates after the bath

Your spa bath will also have an aroma that’s reminiscent of the nuts that were processed for the argan oil in the first place.

Candles and Lighting

Turn off the overhead lights because they’ll remind you of everyday life in your bathroom. Make the world a different place by creating a spa bath with lit candles. Perch them on shelves so that you have enough light to see yourself basking in the glory of the warm water.

Masks for the Face

Mix these two ingredients together, such as:

  • Avocados
  • Argan oil

Apply this mixture to your face as you sit in the spa bath. This natural mask hydrates your face while fighting off inflammation, especially under the eyes. Rinse it off as you exit the tub.

Hydrating Afterward

After toweling off, drink a cup of water. This habit hydrates your body from the inside. Spa baths are relaxing, but they can dehydrate you from the heat. Consider more argan oil for your skin and hair too. This pure oil hydrates all of these tissues for a youthful and toned appearance.

Tell us about your spa day by jotting down your thoughts in the comment section below. Try a spa day once a week if possible so that you can achieve a relaxed and hydrated look. Taking care of your mind and body is possible with just a short experience in that soapy water.