DIY “Spa Pedicure” with Argan Oil

Argan Oil Is Great For The Nails

Dying to get that spa pedicure but don’t have the time and the budget to do so? Why not pamper yourself right at home? Surely you can pull off a do-it-yourself pedicure just like from a spa! It’s easy, affordable and most of all it’s fun. Here’s what you will need: basin, towel, Argan oil, foot scrub, nail polish remover, nail clipper, and your favorite nail polish.

These are the steps:

  1. Remove old nail polish
    Start by rubbing off your previous nail polish using a cotton swab moistened with nail polish remover. It is best to buy an acetone-free polish remover. It’s gentler to your nails and acetone is just not good to the body.
  2. Soak your feet
    Fill a basin or bowl with warm water. Add a few pinches of sea salt. One tablespoon should do the trick. If you can, add a few drops of your favorite scented oil in the salty mixture or better yet the deep moisturising Argan oil. Dip your feet in the basin and relax for 15 minutes. Listen to a relaxing playlist while enjoying the warmth and the scent of your feet soak.
  3. Exfoliate away
    Use a towel to wipe away the excess moisture from your feet after dipping. Your feet should feel soft and warm at this stage. After it has dried, start buffing each foot thoroughly with a foot scrub (you may use pumice). Be sure to buff away every part of the foot concentrating on the hardened skin areas such as the ball of the foot and the big toe.
  4. Trim
    Cut your nails with a nail clipper. Trim the edges carefully. The proper length is when the nail barely grazes the finger itself. You can either choose to make a rounded tip for the nails or you can also choose to have a squared tip to achieve a more spa-pedicure type effect. Either way, make sure to trim all of your toenails.
  5. Moisturize Soften and Revitalize
    Massage each foot using Argan Oil. This oil holds numerous benefits for the skin and nails. It softens the skin and aids in skin renewal. This oil is perfect after thorough exfoliation. It also moisturises the nails and make it stronger. Rub the oil all over on each foot and then apply pressure while massaging gently. Massage from the toes working your way back you the balls of the feet. Do this at least 3 times on each foot.
  6. Polish
    To complete the whole do it yourself pedicure apply your favorite nail polish. You can also apply a nail polish primer first or a nail conditioner (the Argan oil will do) so that the nail polish will last longer. Make sure to remove the excess polish from the nail polish brush before applying the first coat in each nail. Let it dry before continuing with your other coats. Three layers of nail polish should last you more than 2 weeks.

Remember, these are only the basic steps. It is up to you how you’ll personalize this do it yourself pedicure.

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