Don’t Let Nail Problems Get Out of Hand! (Part 2)

Just as skin and hair have problems, the nails are also vulnerable to different forms of problems. Don’t let these problems get out of hand to avoid even graver problems. Resolve these nail problems as early as you can and have better looking nails.

Nails are important parts of the body. They need attention and care as much as the rest of your body. Here are two more nail problems you need to watch out for. Remember, for good looking nails, for healthy nails, and for strong nails, don’t let nail problems get out of hand!


Nails are supposed to grow strong sturdy. That is the normal. Sometimes though, nails grow weak and easily break off. This is the reason why some people cannot grow their nails long. As soon as their nails go beyond the tip of the fingers, the nails start to crack and tear. Keeping the nails short is often times the easiest answer.

But brittle nails need not be a problem for you. Look into the possible reasons why your nails are too brittle. It could be that your hands and nails are often submerged in liquid. It could also be that your job is often rough on your nails. Another reason could be that your nails are often applied with or in contact with harmful ingredients. These reasons could be avoided by protecting nails from water, harmful ingredients, and rough handling.

Wear protective gloves for starters. These will help your nails to be protected from unwanted solutions. Wear rubber gloves when washing clothes and doing dishes. Wear protective work gloves when doing manual types of labor.

Aside from these, you should also avoid putting polish on your nails when you already have brittle nail problems. Nail polish could have ingredients that make nails even weaker.


Don’t you hate it when your cuticles peel? Peeling cuticles are not only ugly to look at, they are also painful and very irritating. The funny thing is, often times your cuticle peels when you’re not at home and it is hard for you to cut them out properly. You are often pushed to the situation of pulling them out. This though is a much bigger problem as your skin will probably bleed and could therefore be susceptible to infections.

When cuticles start to peel, take all necessary actions to avoid peeling them yourself. Bring a small and handy nail cutter in your bag, keep one in your office drawer, put one in your locker – these are just some easy ways on how you can avoid peeling your cuticles.

When you reach home you may also try to soak your nails and cuticles in warm water. This will give relief to the pain.


An oil that comes all the way from the southwestern parts of Morocco, argan oil is imported by different countries because of its nutritional and beautification properties. Known to keep nails healthy and strong, argan oil is one of the best solutions for different types of nail problems. Whether it be brittle nails or peeling cuticles – argan oil is sure to help. With its vast nutritional properties, argan oil is known to solve most nail problems easily.

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