Don’t Let the Bitter Cold Let Your Hair Down

Did you know that every seasonal change calls for a different way to care for your hair? This is most certainly true as changes in the temperature and humidity levels affect the hair. The hair can become lacklustre, dry and damaged because of such changes.

Do you know how to care for your hair when the temperature starts dropping? You need to start changing your hair care routine if you are seeing that your hair starts to become lacklustre, dry and brittle when the cold days of winter arrives. So how should you care for your hair during the winter season?

Winter Hair Care Tips

If you want to avoid dull, dry and damaged hair during the winter time follow these winter time hair care advices.

  • Never go out with wet hair. Going out with wet hair in the cold will cause your hair to break. Your hair can freeze because of the freezing temperature outdoors and will easily break.
  • Wear your winter cap when going outdoors. The cold temperature can dry out your hair. On top of this you have the cold dry wind blowing which also robs the hair of its essential oils and moisture. The harsh blowing of the wind can also result to tangles and hair breakage. You can also tie a scarf over your head but you should not tie it too tight. Tying the scarf too tight will cut out circulation on your scalp which would deprive the hair of nourishment and the oxygen it needs.
  • Apply moisturiser to your hair daily. You should opt to use Argan oil to bring back moisturiser to your hair. This oil does not only add moisture to your hair it also locks in moisture so that your hair remains shiny and soft. The Argan oil is also loaded with Vitamin E which is responsible for renewing and repairing damaged hair. It also comes with various antioxidants which repairs cellular membranes of the hair that has been damaged by different elements.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water. Hot water robs the hair of its essential oils. Ever noticed how more women are sporting dry hair when the winter season hits? This is because most would take hot showers and baths. It is best to use lukewarm water so that the hair still retains its essential oils which is its natural moisturiser keeping the hair soft and silky. You should also limit your showers to 15 minutes at most.
  • Go easy on the hot rollers. Hot rollers can dry out your hair. Don’t use it everyday or that often. Give your hair a rest from all the cold battering of the elements as well as your own doing. If you are going to use hot rollers or any heated styling equipment, be sure to apply a leave on moisturiser first.

During the colder months you do not have to bear wearing a crowning glory that is dull and dry. With the proper hair care regimen for winter time you can definitely bring back your soft, smooth, shiny and healthy hair.

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