Don’t Let Winter Rob You of Your Healthy and Beautiful Skin

The winter season brings a glow to our cheeks. However some people suffer from dry, flaky, cracked and even inflamed skin. You definitely would want to avoid being in such skin dilemma. Here are the best ways to protect the skin from the bitter cold that winter brings.

Protecting the Skin against the Winter Elements

  1. Seek the help of a dermatologist! In fact you should make it a habit to visit your dermatologist at least once a year. A skin doctor can take a good look at your skin and know which skin care products would be best to use for your skin type and also tweak your skin care regimen if you are doing some things wrong. Don’t get to thinking that just because you have sought the help of a dermatologist you would end up with expensive and high end products. This is actually not true. Skin doctors and doctors in general don’t have biases when it comes to medications. It is also a priority to go to your dermatologist once a year to be checked for any signs of skin cancer.
  2. Stock on a great moisturiser! During the bitter cold days of winter you would need to moisturise the skin more than you ever did during the other seasons. It is best to use oil based moisturisers such as Argan oil. The great thing about Argan oil is it does not only moisturise the skin it also keeps it healthy and prevent skin aging because of the components found in this oil such as essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Prostaglandins, Linoleic acid and Ferulic acid.
  3. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion before heading out the door! This may come as a surprise to some people. In fact there are still some people who think that applying sunscreen lotion is only necessary when out on the beach. This is a fatal mistake and your skin would gravely suffer. The sun is still shining even covered under thick clouds and even during the winter and its UV rays will still do the damage to your skin. Lather on the sunscreen to exposed skin at least 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the cold. Remember to reapply if you are outdoors for a lengthy time.
  4. Don’t soak in hot baths or shower with hot water! The hot temperature of the water will strip the skin of its essential oils. If you do you would end up with very dry skin which is the very thing that you want to avoid. Make sure that the water you use when bathing or taking a shower is just lukewarm. Also avoid being in the shower or soaked in water for more than 15 minutes.
  5. Use humidifiers! The heating systems in your office and your home would dry out the skin. With humidifiers moisture would be distributed in the air evenly. Put humidifiers in all parts of your home to have moisture dispersed equally.

These are just a few simple steps on how you can protect the skin from getting damaged during the winter season.

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