Don’t Let Winter Wreak Havoc On Your Hair: Your Guide to Winter Hair Care

The dry and cold weather that accompanies winter can be very damaging to your hair. The hair tends to become dry during this time of the year. Indoor heating and the freezing outdoors are conditions that can make your hair susceptible to dryness and static. The good news is you do not have to let winter wreak havoc on your hair. With care and attention, you can keep your hair vibrant and beautiful all winter long.

Guide to Winter Hair Care

Cover your hair Your hair’s first line of defense against the damaging effects of the environment is a scarf, a cap or a hat. The sun continues to shine even if it is winter and its damaging UV rays are still as deadly. Likewise, the cold wind can dry out your hair. Always cover your hair before going out to protect your hair against the wind and sun. Just make sure to wear it loosely and avoid strangling your head and hair. Be gentle with wet hair Avoid brushing wet locks because hair strands are more likely to break. Never rub your wet hair with a towel. Pat your hair dry with a soft towel after bathing or washing. Do not go outside with your hair damp. The freezing temperatures outside can cause your hair to freeze which could lead to split ends. Avoid the heat Overusing your hair dryer can further damage your hair. Use a cool setting and let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. Avoid hot showers and baths. Hot water strips away your hair’s natural protective oils. Use warm water instead. Shampoo only when necessary Shampoo your hair only when necessary and try not to shampoo your hair more than once a day. On days when you don’t use a shampoo, a good rinse and a massage can help your hair clean and your scalp invigorated. Or you can work a pea-sized amount of shampoo and work it through the roots only. Combat static Dry air causes static and gives you flyaway hair. Easily combat static by spraying a small amount of hair spray on your hairbrush and brush it through from top to bottom. Actually, you can use anything that can keep your hair weighted down and flat. Use cotton hats, they generate less static than wool or acrylic. Condition and moisturize Condition your hair every time you wash your hair. Choose water-based products that contain proteins. Heavier and creamier conditioners are preferred during winter. It is also recommended to deep condition hair at least twice a week during winter. Use Argan Oil Revitalize hair with natural moisturizers and oils such as Argan oil. The oil is packed with essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that help nourish hair by keeping it moisturized. The oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants which repair the damage caused by free radicals. Massage Argan oil on your hair immediately after showering to seal moisture into your hair. Follow this guide for winter hair care and protect your hair against the damaging effects of winter.