Do You Have Problems With Brittle Hair?

Both men and women are big fans of styling their hair. Hair is what makes a person look a little different each time you see him or her without having to put on prosthetics or make-up. A change in hairstyle will somewhat make you look younger, older, more hip, more sexy, more mature, and it can even change one’s aura. This is the reason why people love to style and change up their hair once in a while. The problem is, styling and the products used to style, can damage hair. Constant styling and application of various solutions can make hair brittle. How can you prevent brittle hair and continue to style your hair? Here are some helpful tips!


When hair lacks moisture, it becomes brittle. It easily breaks and becomes vulnerable to every bit of stress you put in your hair. 90% of brittle hair is caused by insufficiency of water or moisture. This may be caused by over exposure to the sun, too much blow drying, and harsh chemicals. Your hair becomes dry because there are not enough natural oils (sebum) in your hair causing hair to become dry and brittle.


To avoid lack of moisture, drinking enough water everyday will help. Drink at least 8 8oz. glasses of per day to keep your whole body, including your hair moisturized. Especially during the summer when you perspire and lose more body fluids, drinking ample amounts of water will do your body lots of good.


Always think about protecting your hair. Whether it is when you are in the beach or styling your hair, keep your hair’s over-all welfare in mind. When styling your hair for example, avoid frequently blowing your hair in too hot of a heat. Avoid using harsh coloring, sprays, and other chemicals in your hair as these will surely damage and make your hair brittle. Teasing or hair ratting also damages hair strands. Avoiding this style of hair as much as you can will help your keep your hair strands healthy and strong.


There are a lot of moisturizers out in the market that promise to help keep hair smooth and strong. But there is one that has shown evidence of extreme success in doing so. Using argan oil in your hair will help you keep the moisture in your hair. It will protect your hair from the sun and help protect in from various elements. Aside from these, argan oil also neutralizes sebum production in the hair keeping it well nourished and moisturized. A few drops of argan oil will help your hair stay nourished even under difficult conditions.

Style your hair and change up your look once in a while. But make sure to take precautionary measures to ensure your hair is protected at all times. You don’t have to sacrifice your look or your style, just be cautious about what you use and how you use them. Also, protect your hair and moisturize!

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