Do You Shop for Beauty Foods?

When was the last time you went to the supermarket? Been awhile? Here’s a good reason to come rushing to the supermarket today…beauty foods!!! Did you know that there are foods that are powerhouse of beauty ingredients? Beauty foods as we call them are loaded with nutrients that help keep the skin smooth, supple and youthful! Wondering what these beauty foods are? We’ve listed a couple of them here!

Beauty Foods

  • Strawberries
    Compared to orange and grapefruit, strawberries claim the top spot in having the most of the potent antioxidant Vitamin C per serving. Vitamin C is an anti-aging nutrient as it stops free radicals from damaging the skin. Free radicals create much havoc in the body penetrating deep down, destroying DNA, skin cell structure and collagen. Free radicals are responsible for those lines and creases on the skin! According to a research that was made public in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who consume foods that are packed with Vitamin C tend to have less wrinkles and less occurrence of dry skin related to aging compared to those who don’t.
  • Fighting Skin Aging with Strawberries
    You can have a smoother and well-hydrated skin with the help of strawberries. You can make a mask with strawberries and apply it on your skin at least once a week. Munching on strawberries and other foods packed with Vitamin C will also help greatly. If you love smoothies, then you can make your own strawberry smoothie. All you would need is a food processor or blender, a cup of yogurt or vanilla and a tablespoon of honey and you have a smoothie that is not only yummy but also healthy for your skin. You may want to set aside some of the smoothie and use it to coat your face with. Just leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse off!
  • Green Tea
    Follow the Brits and drink green tea! Not only is this drink relaxing, your skin will also benefit from it. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that fight inflammation. The habit of drinking green tea every day may also significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Squeeze in some citrus juice in your cup of tea and you’ll make the antioxidants from the green tea stay longer in your body therefore giving your body a healthy benefit for a longer time!
  • Loving the Skin with Green Tea
    To make sure that your skin is healthy, youthful and well protected from free-radical damage, up your intake of antioxidants! Drinking at least 3 big mugs of green tea every day will do the trick! The tannins in green tea actually help get rid of that puffiness in your eyes so don’ throw out your used tea bags just yet. Chill them in the fridge and once chilled apply the tea bags on your eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes!

We’ll discuss more beauty foods in our future posts! For now, spread these 2 beauty foods with your Like and Share!

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