Do Your Skin Care Products Contain Harmful Ingredients?

There Are Skin Care Products That Can Be Harmful To Our Skin

You probably have spent your money on one or two (or more) skin care products that do not work as they advertise. The worse thing about having bought such products is the fact that they may contain ingredients that can do damage not just to your skin but to your overall health over time. Before you buy any skin care product make sure that these ingredients are not in it.

A Big No to These Ingredients

  • Mineral oil – Hundreds of skin care products has mineral oil in its list of ingredients and it is best to stay away from these products. Mineral oil actually clogs the pores of your skin therefore it prevents it from breathing. It also messes up your skin’s natural ability to get rid of toxins and it can cause acne breakouts. Mineral oil can also irritate the skin and can cause dryness and chapping of the skin once the skin becomes dependent on the oil. One more thing that many of us would want to avoid is premature skin aging and mineral oil causes it. This ingredient should not be found in any skin care product at all since it absolutely offers no caring for your skin. Mineral oil is also called liquid paraffin, paraffin wax, and petrolatum.
  • Dioxane – Dioxane is yet another ingredient found in many skin care products. It usually contains a high amount of 1, 4-doixane which can be absorbed readily into the skin. Why should you avoid this ingredient from touching your skin? If you live in the state of California, you would know that this chemical is known to California as carcinogenic or cancer causing. So don’t just apply skin care products on your skin without reading whats in them. You might just be paying to have cancer. So be very careful.
  • Parfum – Parfum or also known as Fragrance is again another chemical that should not be listed in any skin care product’s ingredients. The reason is simple. Most fragrances come from ingredients that are toxic or cancer causing. You have to remember that whatever is applied on the skin would be absorbed to your bloodstream.
  • Parabens – Parabens are present not just in beauty products but even in our food. Parabens are used as preservatives so that products would have a longer shelf life. But you should not allow parabens to touch your skin. The reason for this is the fact that many studies suggest that parabens may potentially cause cancer and may mess up with our endocrine system. Parabens can also cause skin rashes and allergic reactions.

The Moroccan Argan Oil

Is there any safe skin care product in the market? Yes there is! The Moroccan Argan oil is 100% organic and free from harsh chemicals that can harm your skin and your health. The great thins about the Moroccan Argan oil is that it contains nutrients that promote the health of the skin. It is packed with Vitamin E and numerous other antioxidants plus essential fatty acids, Sterols and Prostaglandins.

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