Don’t Be Afraid Of Wearing Nail Art Just Because You’re Past Thirty

My idea of standing out is through my choice of clothes. I like it to reflect my mood and my personality. When it comes to my nails, however, I prefer to keep them clean and simple. Don’t get me wrong but I do polish my nails. However, my choice of colors range only from clear, pinkish, barely-there colors that wouldn’t compete with my outfit for the day.

Unfortunately, my idea of chic and classy nails nowadays appears boring and downright uptight compared to the more fun, now trendy nail art options. While some would immediately join the bandwagon and live in the moment, many, like me, would have an internal debate with themselves first, asking questions like, “Are these even appropriate for my age?”

Adapt or Die

Good news ladies! You don’t have to adapt against your will or die for your rights to simple nail polish options. Fun but classy nail art designs may be the balance you’re looking for. Here are a few of my favorites and a short guide on how to do them yourself.

Fly Like a Bird

Putting art on your nails for the first time may be both freeing and downright scary. Focus on the positive side of the experience and choose designs that symbolize exactly what you’re feeling. A flying bird is one example. Tone it down by choosing colors in black and nude. For easier painting, be sure to have a good detailer nail brush on hand.

News on Nails

Nothing says “I’m an independent, well-informed woman” more than nails with news on them. It’s fairly simple to do. Choose any nude polish as base. Let it dry after application. Cut strips of newspaper that are of the same size as your nails and dip them on vodka. Place a strip on each nail then blow dry. Remove the strip. The prints on it should have stayed on your nails if you did it right. Coat them with clear polish if the prints are already dry.


If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, then this zig zag/thunder in gold design may just be the right one for you. Use polishes in pink as base to tone down the design’s quirky vibe. Use a painter’s tape to achieve a perfect line. Just tap tape on nail so it wouldn’t stick too much.

Geometric Chic

Instead of a zigzag, you can opt for simple geometric patterns as well in simple, chic colors like turquoise-gold-black or white-gold-black.

Just Enough Glitter

Glitter doesn’t necessarily shout “Tacky!” Tone those sparkly nail art options by covering them up with chic patterns on top using non-glitter polishes of the same shade. Triangles are a chic pattern you could use to mask the shine down.

A Tip for the Young and Old

Whether you’re a lady of age who prefers simple polishes or a young rebel who loves to keep it fun, you need to condition your nails even if you have polishes on. The notion that moisturizers destroy your newly manicured nails is just plain wrong. On the contrary, moisturizing your nails actually makes your polishes stay longer. To be sure, use moisturizers that are natural and organic like Argan Oil. Also known as the liquid gold, Argan oil is packed with nutrients that will not only strengthen your nails but will also help you fight off wrinkles in your hands.

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