Don’t be Harsh to Your Nails!

Proper Nail Care Is Important To Bring Out The Best Out Of Your Nails

You may not notice it but your nails take a harsh beating everyday as they are almost in action all day and all night long. Some of use use our nails to pop soda cans, scratch out dirt, stains, things that are sticky, peel off fruits and vegetables, open containers and wrappers and many more. In this modern age, our nails are getting battered when we send text messages, dial phone numbers and as we type away in our laptops and computers.

When we are stressed or bored some of us bite our nails. Many women batter their nails with nail polish, nail stickers and nail polish removers. Some of us also are guilty of filing our nails too much, trimming them improperly or not trimming them at all. Having your nails soaked in water for too long can also weaken your nails.

Many of us neglect our nails. Some even think that caring for the nails is only vanity. This is where many are mistaken. You need to care for your nails as when they become weak and brittle lots of things can go wrong. Infections can set in easier and you can be in serious trouble. Keep in mind that infections can result to serious and complicated health issues and even lead to death.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Your Nails

If you want to care for your nails, you should stop giving them a harsh neatingb This is not to say that you are not to use your nails anymore but you should never abuse them. To make your nails stronger, you should also regularly apply Moroccan Argan oil in them. This oil is packed with Vitamin E which strengthens the nails. This oil is also loaded with moisturising properties therefore avoiding your nails to become dry. Dry nails make them more brittle and prone to chipping and breaking.

How to Apply Moroccan Argan Oil on Nails

Before going to bed, you can coat each of your nails with the oil and leave them overnight. The oil is easily absorbed in the nail beds therefore your nail beds will be well nourished. You can also make a solution of lemon juice and the Argan oil. Use a 50-50 ratio when making the solution. Soak your nails in the solution for 30 minutes then pat them dry afterwards.

Your Diet and Your Nails

You may have heard the saying, you are what you eat. This is actually true. If you eat unhealthy food then you are unhealthy. Your nails also need nourishment and the food that you eat is what nourishes your entire body including your nails. If your nails are weak and brittle, you should start eating food that are packed with Vitamin B and biotin. These nutrients make your nails grow stronger. Start including bananas, mushrooms, lentils, peanuts and egg yolks as these food are packed with Vitamin B and biotin.

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