Don’t Ignore Your Nails

Your Nails Are Not There For Nothing, Pamper Them!

We may have our nails in different colours but the most we should care about is keeping them healthy. Nail care is essential in personal grooming. No matter how well you have put together your make up, your clothes and how well your hair is done if your nails are not well groomed and kept unclean, the impression you make is not too pleasant. Even if you do not care much about what other people think, you should still care for your nails as they serve a great deal of purpose to you. Nails actually protect the soft skin of our fingers and you can catch nasty infections and illnesses with dirt getting lodged under your nails and from torn or broken nails.

The Caring Your Nails Need

  • Don’t leave all the nail caring to your salon visits. In between your visits you should care for your nails too. It is actually more ideal that you do the caring of your nails personally. One of the best things to use when caring for nails are organic products. Organic products don’t have harsh chemicals in them that could leave your nails weak and brittle. Keep in mind that many personal care products are laden with chemicals that are toxic to the human body.Choosing to use an organic product free from toxic ingredients such as Moroccan Argan oil is the best way to care for your nails. The Moroccan Argan oil is packed with Vitamin E which conditions and moisturises the cuticles. The oil also strengthens the nails so you won’t have a problem with frequent chipping, splitting and breaking.
  • Make sure that you trim your nails regularly. Filing them and keeping them short is a great way to prevent your nails from getting chipped and broken.
  • Exposure to chemicals can ruin your nails. So if you are going to do some dishwashing or your laundry make sure that you have protection on. For your nails that is. Slip on a pair of cotton gloves and another pair of rubber gloves when doing household chores. Make sure to have them on for at most 30 minutes. Overexposing your nails to water and moisture can also damage them so keep your hands dry as often as you can. Long baths and showers are not ideal if you want them strong and healthy. Wear appropriate protective gloves when tending to your garden or doing any carpentry.
  • If you have an infected nail, don’t use the same nail clipper on the other nails that are free from infection. This is to avoid infecting the other nails as well.
  • Feet should also be kept dry. If you have sweaty feet, use anti-perspirant powder to avoid soaking your socks wet and having your nails cramped up in moist. Remember that moisture makes bacteria thrives. You can easily get athlete’s foot and other infections on your feet if you leave this sweaty problem untreated. Address your sweaty feet problem by soaking your feet in warm water with baking soda for at least 20 minutes everyday. You can also consult a dermatologist for this problem. Also let your feet breathe by wearing open sandals or flip flops more often.

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