Don’t Leave All the Nail Caring to Nail Professionals!

Nail Care Can Be Very Effective If You Can Do It By Yourself

Many women prefer having their nails done in salons. Many of you will agree that there’s just something extra special about newly manicured nails done in a salon. No matter how many times you try to perfect the craft at home, nails done by a professional still seem shinier and more…chic most of the time! HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean we’ll be handing over all the responsibility of taking care of our nails to a professional. While they have convincing poker faces, professionals cringe (I’m sure) at the sight of unhealthy, sometimes even dirty, nails.

If you want your manicurist and pedicurist to still respect you after your session, show them that you make an effort to take care of yourself as well. Here are some basic hygienic practices for the nails that all of us should be doing at home.

Strengthen and Moisturise YOur Nails the Natural Way
There are a lot of products out there that claim to strengthen your nail polish- abused nails. However, most of these products have chemicals that are toxic and are just bad for you…period. Don’t worry. There are also a lot of organic products in the market that will have the same effects, if not better and without the harsh effects. Aromatherapy oils, for instance, are used in almost all salons to pamper their clients during their manis and pedis. Lately, a lot of attention has been given to the so called miracle oil from Morocco. Also known as Argan Oil, this liquid gold does not only strengthen and moisturize nails, it also helps fight off wrinkles. So if you’re having wrinkle problems on top of your nail-related worries, then Argan oil is the product for you.

Shiny as a Lemon
If your main concern are dull nails, then grab a lemon and start squeezing. Regularly swab lemon juice on your nails using a cotton for 5 to 7 minutes and soon enough, you’ll notice your nails getting shinier with every application.

Beet Red
Notice how beet roots stand out compared to other vegetables in the grocery counter. If you want the same attention on your nails, then include beet root the next time you plan your meals. Eating beet root regularly will make the color of your nails pinkish instead of yellowish. Who knew nails can blush?!

Pale nails can also be an indicator that you’re anemic. If this is the case, you’ll need more than just beet root. Doctors prescribe eating raisins soaked in water overnight. Oh and by the way, you have to drink the water where you soaked the raisins in too. This concoction is a good source of iron and is good for the eyes too.

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